Tips for Becoming a Successful Homeowner

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

The Wells Fargo PriorityBuyer® program helps you before you go home shopping – John and Sally have a great life.  They’re thinking about leaving their one-bedroom apartment and buying a home. Designing Spaces sends them to meet with Wells Fargo Mortgage Professional Joel Sarmiento to help them get on track to land a mortgage and buy their first house. Joel explains different types of mortgages, such as fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages, what lenders are looking for in a buyer, and even touches on dealing with realtors. He introduces John and Sally to a number of tools that could


Discovering America: RV Lifestyle at Rancho Oso

Equity Lifestyle

Active Community Lifestyles: CA – Designing Spaces visits spectacular Rancho Oso RV Resort and Campground in California to check out the RV lifestyle and some authentic outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy. Correspondent Jeff Thisted meets Patrick Waite, VP of Operations, to get a guided tour of the many activities for people of all ages. Rancho Oso was once a working ranch, located 30 miles outside of Santa Barbara CA., but now it offers everything from RV hook-ups to teepees for anyone desirous of soaking up some of the great outdoors. Activities include horseback riding and camping, and access


Winterizing Your Pool

Closing Your Pool for the Season

HTH® Pool Care Shows Us How To Winterize Your Pool – The summer is done, the air is getting colder that means it’s time to close your pool for the winter.  Winterizing your pool helps protect it from freezing and helps keep the water as clean as possible. Designing Spaces sends Paul Gillio from HTH® Pool Care over to Betsy’s house to show her how to do it herself. Paul explains when is the best time and provides Betsy with a list of the basic supplies she will need. HTH® 6-Way Test Strips, HTH® Super Select shock treatment, HTH® Algae Guard 3X,


New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home

New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home ....

New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home With  Daikin North America LLC – On this Special Edition of Designing Spaces Green Spaces, correspondent Desiree Markella takes us on a tour of the latest in HVAC systems. There are three different types of systems: ducted, ductless and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume).  And they each have particular benefits. Desiree meets with Jim Fisher from Daikin North America to learn about the latest in ducted HVAC systems, and a visit with homeowner Laura shows how inverter systems are improving ducted systems. Next, Dave Palazzolo explains the operation of efficient and super flexible ductless


Energy Efficient Sunrise Windows & Doors: The Difference is Clear

Sunrise Windows & Doors: The Difference is Clear

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors –  It’s a window makeover in Toledo Ohio as Joe Guarino, President and CEO of Sunrise Window, Ltd. guides us through the process of replacing old-style windows with new, energy efficient windows, specifically custom vinyl replacement windows. At the house in Ohio, Joe points out how the old windows were wood framed, and were rotting out. The replacements are from the premium Restorations® line of vinyl windows. The finishing touch will be Madera™, a pre-finished hardwood interior trim. The full-frame replacements require removing both the old windows and their frames all the way back to


Answering The Myths About Life Insurance

Sagicor Life Insurance

Answering The Myths About Life Insurance with Terry Schuster of Sagicor Life Insurance – What does life insurance really provide? Who needs it? Do I need it? To learn more, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding life insurance, Designing Spaces got with Terry Schuster, Chief Agency Manager for the Sagicor Life Insurance Company, for a little one-on-one Q and A discussion to get some easy answers about life insurance. Terry explains the two basic types of life insurance and what each has to offer, along with investment opportunities and how families are provided protection. If you


A Review of ADT Pulse: Innovations in Connectivity For Today

ADT Pulse

A Review of ADT Pulse and Home Automation – Technology has transformed home security and automation, providing us the ability to monitor our homes from anywhere, anytime. We can now access many home functions that make living easier, more efficient and give us peace of mind. Jerri Devard, Chief Marketing Officer, ADT, guides us through ADT Pulse ™, to show how users can get a leading home security system with the added convenience of remote system management and home automation. ADT Pulse ™ offers a wide spectrum of features that incorporate both security and home management. Once the comprehensive nature of