Celebrating Siblings – Face Painting Fun


Busy moms know that when a new baby comes home, older siblings might need a bit of extra love and attention. So how do you show your first born she’s still your pretty princess? With an impromptu celebration! A Snazaroo face painting kit is full of vibrant, inspired colors and immediately, it’s an afternoon of lasting memories – full of fun, laughs and lots of family bonding. Face painter, Heather turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary one when she shows a busy mom and her oldest daughter how easy it is to be creative and colorful…Let the creativity begin!


Trinity International Industries: Storage & Sustainable Products for Your Life!


Designing Spaces’ Debi Marie meets up with Jane Chang Bright, Ambassador with Trinity International Industries, an eco-friendly storage and organization company with products that make life easier and less cluttered! From clothes, to books, to school supplies, Jane has suggestions that are efficient, cost effective, and even eco-friendly! Storage Solutions for Stress-Free Living!


Disney Baby: Bringing Baby Home


Tune in to see mom-to-mom tips for “Bringing Baby Home: Essential Solutions for Every Area of the Home” featuring Disney Baby products. It’s time to make room for the baby! Interior designer and mom-to-be, Kalyn and actress and Disney blogger Tiffany Thornton tour a home that’s prepped for the new addition! A few helpful hints make this magical time as stress free as possible!


Cost-saving solutions for electrical issues.


Whether you’re buying an older home or renovating one, they can present challenges – especially when it comes to the electrical aspects. Homes built in the ‘70’s (or prior) often times still have the original breakers. They can be at risk for failure if not replaced. When breaker panels are no longer available, electricians may recommend replacing the whole panel over purchasing listed replacement breakers. This segment will educate home owners on their options for safe alternatives to panel replacement, saving them both time and money.


DIY: Retrofit existing alarms without any tools, hubs, or installers


Roost has created a smart battery that connects to your WiFi, immediately letting you know there is a problem. The battery fits inside a 9 volt smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. Plus, Roost batteries last up to five years, and their free app alerts you when your battery is getting low. You can also invite neighbors and family members to be monitors — increases the likelihood that someone will be able to take action in the case of an emergency. On Designing Spaces, we’ll show you how easy it is to install – giving you peace of mind without breaking


The Invisible Fence®: A Safe and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Fencing!


The Invisible Fence provides a safe and affordable alternative to traditional fencing, providing a safer and better quality lifestyle for pets. We visit a home where the Invisible Fence® provides the pet owners peace of mind and witness first-hand how dogs are trained and technology applied to keep them in designated areas both inside and outside the home.


Furniture Solutions for Growing & Changing Needs


When transitions happen in life – relocating for a new job, or a new relationship – settling down is probably part of the plan. So how can you make transitions easier? If you’re looking for furniture, Cort is a seamless solution. Whether you need to rent furniture, or you want to buy from the clearance center, Cort can meet your needs, deliver it and set it all up! Making your new space–be it a home or office–move-in ready!


Winning the Battle Against Mold and Mildew


Endurance BioBarrier Mold Prevention Spray is a completely non-toxic solution to mold and mildew. It will prevent the growth of mold and mildew anywhere from 6 months to 25 years, depending on the surface and where it is applied. It works on painted surfaces, drywall, wood, stucco, brick, cement, vinyl siding, roofing, gutters, metal, plastic, eaves, both indoors and outdoors. Mold decomposes surfaces, causing a musty odor and irreparable damage, as well as posing respiratory health risks.