DIY Gutter Cleaning. No Ladders Required!


Our home’s rain gutters get no respect until cleaning time comes around. Climbing ladders or going on the roof can be dangerous…accidents and injuries happen. Gutter Clutter Buster changes that. Attach the extension wands to a Wet-Dry Vac and within minutes, you’ve got clean gutters once again, no more dirty leaves, twigs, or debris. You never have to leave the ground and GCB comes with enough attachments to reach 30-feet high.


Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning System


What’s really, really quiet and can give precise temperature control over each room in your house … Panasonic’s heating and air conditioning system is! Easily installed and completely ductless…. It’s the ultimate in heating and air conditioning systems. Join Designing Spaces as we visit a Boston area couple’s 1840 home complete with all the modern-day touches, including a state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning system.


Innovative Window Film Technology

104210 - Designing Spaces

Harsh sunlight streaming through windows can lessen the enjoyment and beauty of your home. Sunlight can fade furniture, rugs and flooring and it can create hot spots in your home. Who wants to cover up a beautiful view with blinds and curtains, right? Enter, professionally installed LLumar window film. LLumar window film helps cut down glare, heat and UV ray, while giving you a clearer, more beautiful view from your home.


Citizens Bank offer College Students Affordable School Loans


Do you have a child going to college, but don’t know how you’re going to pay for the gaps in their financial aid package? Citizens Bank offers more than financial accounts to their customers, the long-standing, reputable financial institution now has a solution for students wanting to meet their educational goals. They have created the Citizens Bank Student Loan ® for students and Citizens Bank Student Loan ® for parents. These loan programs offer an exclusive multi-year approval option for eligible applicants. Applicants apply only once to receive money each year through graduation. Click here to watch this episode of


Mortgage Tips You Should Know: Preparing to Buy a Home


In this series of tips mortgage experts from Affinity Mortgage address common roadblocks and questions that may impair or confuse a potential home buyer; someone who may be considering acquiring their dream home, refinancing, thinking about a loan for home improvements, or possibly a reverse mortgage. In this installment of Mortgage Tips you Should Know; “Preparing to Buy a Home”, our team of mortgage experts address common issues that confront the potential home buyer. Clear, concise statements are made to prepare the home buyer. Topics include prequalification, preapproval, credit and down payment programs. See this video if you are considering


The Key to secure your valuables


Imagine one key, your vehicles ignition key being able to unlock an assortment of locks used to protect your valuables… from tool boxes to bike racks anything that needs to be secure and safe from theft. BOLT lock ios a breakthrough one key lock technology that’s easy to customize and use. Convenient security.


DIY home Essentials… Home improvement made easy


Designing spaces has designs with you in mind! Check out this one key lock “BOLT” technology for added security. The do’s and don’t for septic tank users; keep the lights out with a stylish set of new blinds from Next Day blinds. Mortgage and refinancing tips and a designing tip to keep your home organized and centralized, how to achieve the perfect zen.