Power tools for maximum yard and property care.


Maintaining your yard to perfection is a source of great satisfaction, and if you have a large yard, want to plant a garden and do it all yourself, then you need the right equipment for the job, Today we visit homeowners Mindy and f ay who want to take control of the yard and plant an organic garden, Three outdoor power products are added to the property care arsenal are: a YARDMAX’” 2-in-l Mulcher Chipper for the overgrown brush; a YARDMAX’” Power Wheelbarrow for hauling loads of dirt, and a YARDMAX’” Rear Tine Tiller for preparing the soil for the


Smart Irrigation Solutions for Today’s Eco-Conscious Homeowner


Mindy and Jay are ready to re-landscape the larger planter space next to the front door, but need a new irrigation system. Because they have so much sweat equity into their property they decide it would make an excellent DIY project. Enter Rain Baird, one of the leading manufacturers of lawn sprinkler systems, residential and commercial irrigation timers and valves. A quick review of different water saving systems gives Mindy and Jay the info they need to choose wisely. After selecting a timer that meets their watering demands, they roll up their sleeves and get started. With a range of


Creating a Backyard Oasis


Designing Spaces teams up with PoolCorp’s The Optimum Pool for a backyard makeover. This innovative and affordable outdoor backyard pool can be designed to fit any terrain- above ground, in ground or semi-ground. We’ll show you how easy and quick it can be – to add a dazzling pool to nearly any backyard space- and create your own backyard oasis.


Mortgage Tips You Should Know; Home Equity Lines of Credit


In this series of tips mortgage experts from Affinity Mortgage address common roadblocks and questions that may impair or confuse a potential home buyer; someone who may be considering acquiring their dream home, refinancing, thinking about a loan for home improvements, or possibly a reverse mortgage. In this installment of Mortgage Tips you Should Know; “Home Equity Lines of Credit”, our team of mortgage experts define HELOC and describe how it works for the home owner. How to qualify, and how to make a HELOC work for you are also explained in easy-to-understand language.


DIY Essentials for the Backyard Enthusiast


Want to create the ultimate backyard experience? Do it with splash! adding a pool has never been easier thanks to Pool corporations Optimum pool; Add perfection, style and maintenance with power tools that gives you great satisfaction.  Plus, a smarter water irrigation system for the Eco-conscious homeowner; Tips from the mortgage experts at Affinity; and organizing tricks to clear clutter and bring that Zen to your home.


Master the mess in your bathroom


Clean out the clutter in your bathroom! Busy households everywhere take note… We’ve got easy-to-execute tips that’ll help you master the mess and create a zen like appeal in your house.


SprayNine – the best-kept cleaning weapon


Spray Nine is a 3 in 1 heavy duty, degreaser and disinfectant cleaner designed to be highly effective in a variety of applications including homes, cars, industrial applications, and even the food service and restaurant industry. Its triple threat formula is able to remove tough oils and grease while providing disinfecting properties to kill bacteria, viruses and other germs. Be sure to watch this episode of Designing Spaces to see all the different ways SprayNine can be used to clean in and around your house.


Encore Azaleas provide a fresh backyard look


You can easily transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis by adding Encore Azaleas. They provide nearly year round bloom and beautiful colors – leaving your neighbors jealous of your outdoor space. Horticulture expert, Kip McConnell, at Encore Azaleas, will show you how to create the backyard of your dreams by adding any of the more than 30 flower shrub varieties in unique ways such as in door plants and containers.