Embracing the Connected Life


Is your household connectivity delivering the service you want at a reasonable price? Your connectivity service is measured in Mbps, or megabits per second; the speed of your Internet connection. Higher Mbps speeds will load web pages more quickly, allow more devices to run on the same connection simultaneously, and enable fast download speeds for music, photos, streaming movies and more. Exactly how much speed is needed? For most multi-user families, 5-12 Mbps per user is enough for you and your family to all be online at the same time: gaming, streaming music, downloading movies, surfing the internet. But, sometimes


Helping You Navigate the Loan Process


Obtaining a residential mortgage is more complex than ever before, but Designing Spaces shows you how. The importance of the borrower being properly informed is monumental! We visit with Success Mortgage Partners who are doing an outstanding job of educating and communicating with the buyer, which ultimately leads to a quicker closing. The best results in this extremely important process usually come from doing business with someone local that you know, like and trust. So get ready to learn how you can get the house of your dreams.


DIY: Caulking Your Bathroom


Caulking doesn’t have to be a hassle. The unique features of ProTouch Caulk System allow anyone to get professional results, the first time. Designing Spaces Rachel Leigh puts the ProTouch Caulk System to the test to see how easy it is to caulk her own bathroom!


A Flexible Tool for Every Household


Assembly is common for many products today and more and more households are finding new tools are needed to assist. On Designing Spaces we’ve got a marvelous new tool to add to your kitchen utility drawer. It’s called the FlipOut Power Tool, a rechargeable screwdriver with an innovative design that makes it perfect for accessing hard-to-reach places. This power driver makes a great addition to your toolbox for both the professional or amateur working on DIY projects inside or outside your home. It features 380 different positions with 360 degrees of orbital rotation and 360 degrees of flexibility – more


Designing Spaces: Caulking, Power Tools, Mortgage Loans and Embracing the Connected Life


Ready to improve your home? Designing Spaces to the rescue! On this episode we’ve got great advice for homeowners everywhere! From DIY caulking and new handy power tools, to learning about the mortgage process and boosting your internet connectivity, our experts have solutions. Is your caulking looking sad and dingy? Hassle-free ways to fix it yourself are here. It’ll look like a pro did the work, but it’s all you! Speaking of DIY, who needs a handy man when you’ve got the latest multi-function power tool in your hands?! We’ve got a marvelous new tool to add to your kitchen


The Tile Shop Experts Share Tips and Techniques


Why Tile? There’s a lot to like about tile. It’s clean, refreshing, and modern looking. But, what are some of it’s benefits compared to other surfaces like wood or carpet? Tile lasts a lifetime. We take a take a closer look and consider aesthetics and practicality as we are joined by Mary Hennen VP of Marketing and Ecommerce from The Tile Shop, Mary shows us comparisons of different tiles vs vinyl, vinyl vs wood, and carpet. Great designs and quality for every room in your home!


Securing a Home Mortgage, 101


If you are thinking about refinancing your home or securing a mortgage to purchase one, you don’t want to miss this program. Loan specialist, Glenn Costa, offers valuable insights that can save you both time and money. He also provides some clear-cut, buyer beware advice and talks about the best approach to simplify the loan application and approval process.