Take Control of Shoe Storage–Put your best Foot Forward


It’s hard to put your best foot forward when there’s a mountain of shoes to constantly dig through. Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, gives you the straight talk on footwear management and shares her qualified, easy to achieve tips to convert your shoe area from cluttered to classy. What does she use to get the job done? Superior products from Trinity International’s EcoStorage line – The attractive 2 tier bamboo shoe rack and Trinity’s collapsible canvas baskets in different sizes and colors for easy coding. Watch Tatiana swiftly turn that muddled mass into fashionable form and immediately create more space, with


Saving on commissions when buying or selling a home


Buying & selling homes is easier now than ever before as more & more consumers are doing it online & saving a bundle in commissions & fees. See how you can have saving on commissions when buying or selling a home – We learn important information from the experts @ Owners.com


Let your pets roam free in your home!!


Today, most Pet owners consider themselves “Pet Parents,” and with this new label means many want their precious family members to have freedom throughout their home. The STAINMASTER® brand has created the STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system offering great benefits including release of pet hair, reduction of pet odor as well as stain resistant. Pet parents no longer have to worry about accidents, shedding of hair or other common pet issues. The carpet is durable, pet-friendly and the best part of all, your precious pet has total freedom. It’s the best protection system for your four-legged family member.


Tiny Kitchen – BIG Solutions from Glass Canistersto tiered wired shelving


Finding places to put all your food and cookware can be difficult when faced with the dimensions of a small kitchen. Counter space is at a premium and time spent cooking often includes a constant search for items stacked high in limited cupboard space. Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, shares tips on how to impressively create instant space and visible storage with Trinity’s 4-tiered wire shelving and Trinity’s glass canisters. Trinity’s shelving brilliantly turns a lack of space issue into opportunity. Limited room is swiftly maximized and with adjustable shelves and high weight capacity, there’s no restrictions to what items can


DIY: How to Regrout your Floors


There’s a misconception among many homeowners that regrouting their floors is a difficult task, but that is the furthest from the truth. Regrouting your floors is easier than ever before. With some simple tools and the right products such as STAINMASTER™ Grout, anyone can complete the project. In fact, STAINMASTER™ has a line of grout products that is designed to be stain resistant, highly-durable and easy-to-clean. Watch this episode of Designing Spaces as Rhonda Castagne demonstrates how easy and fast is it to regrout any living space using STAINMASTER™ grout.


Mortgage Tips You Should Know: The Loan Process for First Time Buyers


In this series of tips mortgage experts from Affinity Mortgage address common roadblocks and questions that may impair or confuse a potential home buyer; someone who may be considering acquiring their dream home, refinancing, thinking about a loan for home improvements, or possibly a reverse mortgage. In this episode, “The Loan Process for First-time Home Buyers”, our team of mortgage experts address key steps in securing a home loan, from title searches and why they are important, appraisals, to how your income affects the loan you secure. Also, valuable points are made on payment assistance programs.


New Year, New Resolutions– Keep, crate, donate


Is the spare closet a jumbled mess where you jam stuff in and shut the door? Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, is on hand with her Keep, Crate Donate technique that promises to turn that tangled mass into perfect order. She explains her qualified, easy to use approach and reveals her top organizing tools to get the job done. The best of the bunch? Products from storage and organization company Trinity International — The impressive 4 tier wire shelving rack with high weight capacity and Trinity’s collapsible crates with secure lids to keep out dust and mold. Watch Tatiana swiftly turn


An Important element of picture/photo framing is the glass


Ralph Waldo Emerson said….“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” We’re creating art… in fact we’re helping you create the perfect “framing package” to your art! While we may think about the right kind of frame or matte to make a piece of art or photo pop… we neglect an important part of the process- the glass! We meet w/ the experts from Tru Vue to show us all what to look for!