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On this episode of Designing Spaces, we will help you decide if renting is right for you with American Housing Income Trust. Decluttr will show you how to make money and room in your home by selling your old CDs, DVDs, video games, and Blue Rays. The Tile Shop will give a quick do-it-yourself tip on installing floor tile, and HP Wall Art will show the latest and greatest in wallpaper trends.


How to Make Room (And $$$) With Your Old CDs


CD’s have been around since the 80’s. Since that time, by some estimates, 671 billion CD’s have been sold. If you feel like it’s time to rid yourself of old CD’s, a company that’s appropriately named “DeCluttr” may be your solution! They’ll buy the CDs, DVDs, and games you don’t want anymore. Watch to find out how it works!


Is Renting Right For You?


One-in-10 single-family homes is a rental unit, representing a 2-trillion dollar industry. And demand for single-family rentals is expected to increase! This growth is a direct reflection of a number of factors (such as uncertainty in the jobs markets) or a lifestyle choice like eliminating the burden of home maintenance, tax payments, HOA expenses and insurance payments. Also, in today’s world, the mobility and flexibility employment may require does not dovetail well with home ownership. Watch as we meet with American Housing Income in Phoenix, Arizona to find out more about the trends in rental properties, and how they are becoming an


Tile Tips From The Pros (#1 of 10)


Subfloor preparation is going to be the first thing you want to do to make sure that your tile is installed correctly. You do not want any subfloor movement or deflection. The Tile Shop offers a product called Blanke-PERMAT. It is a 2×3 mesh sheet weighing only 1 pound. You can install it right on top of the plywood subfloor for most stone installations. Another product is the cement boards, Permabase and Hardie Backer. They both are made up of 90% portland cement with some selective additives. They are both resistant to mold and mildew. For more information, go to


Laying The Literal and Financial Foundation Of Your Home


Designing Spaces shows you how to transform the floors in your home with Shaw Floors, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and leader in hardwood products. Shaw Floors is known for their quality products and affordable pricing. Design experts from Shaw Floors will show you how to combine the beauty and durability of hardwood floors with the softness and comfort of carpets. You’ll also learn how to get organized with organizational products from Smead. Smead says, “Keeping You Organized.” Then, Cherry Creek Mortgage offers tips on buying a home. There’s hope for potential homeowners with less than perfect credit. Finally, Designing


Bring Elegance To Your Floors with Shaw Floors


Hardwood floors are an easy way to add value to your home. Shaw Floors is the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and they are recognized as the leader in hardwood products as well. Shaw Floors is known for quality products and affordable prices. One of Shaw’s innovations is their cut-a-rug program. Pick a design from Shaw’s huge carpet catalog and have it custom cut and bound for your room. The advantage of an area rug is that it’s easily changed. You can choose bold colors and patterns and change them with the seasons or for any reason. Shaw’s area rugs are


Understanding Home Mortgages with Cherry Creek Mortgage


Designing Spaces met up with Kelly Zitlow from Cheery Creek Mortgage to get some tips on securing a mortgage, even if you’ve had a previous foreclosure or other financial setbacks. The first place to start is to get pre-qualified. You’re going to want to work with an experienced lender. Cherry Creek is committed to educating consumers and giving the tools they need to succeed as they move through the process from start to finish. Cherry Creek Mortgage can help with pre-qualification, loan applications, advice about the market, down payment programs, and the actual loan program. Visit to learn more.


De-Cluttering Your Home with Organizational Tools from Smead


Designing Spaces Correspondent, Rachel Leigh, talks to John Hunt from Smead about how easy it is to get organized when you have the right tools. Smead has been in business for over 110 years, and they offer hundreds of organizational products. John shows how their products can help de-clutter your office space, organize files and paperwork into categories, and archive items that are not used on a regular basis. Many items like the Stadium File, a tiered file box, the Poly File Box, and the Cascading Wall Organizer offer portability, durability, and are incredibly easy to use. Smead also offers