DIY: Locking Your Home with Lock Boxes


The fake rock is not fooling anyone. If you have to leave a key for someone to enter your home, don’t you want a safer solution? Loyal International offers solutions with their electronic lock box and their push button lock box. We show you how easy both are to place on your door, giving you peace of mind when it comes to managing who is and is not allowed to enter your home.


College Spaces: Back to School Edition


Designing Spaces goes to back to school with your college-bound child. Whether you’re boxing up belongings or packing up to come home, U-Haul has easy and efficient options to get everything where it needs to be. Need to organize once you’re on campus? Trinity International Industries, an eco-friendly storage and organization company, has all the products you need to make life easier and less cluttered! Debi Marie meets up with Jane Chang Bright, Ambassador with Trinity, to learn how to keep the dorm room ship shape with everything in its place. Dorm room kitchens are tiny, so what are your


Moving from the College Dorm into an Apartment


College students outgrowing their tiny dorm rooms and mini appliances will need to upgrade their appliances as they move into a new apartment. Magic Chef has the perfect solutions for this transition and growing needs. We stop by and visit with Mike Cartozzo from Home Depot once again as he shows us the best options – from microwaves to refrigerators.


Finding the Right Mortgage Professional


Over 9 million senior homeowners struggle with today’s basic living expenses such as food, housing and healthcare. Many can be considered “asset rich” but “cash poor”. The professionals at USA Reverse are dedicated to educating seniors about reverse mortgages and how they can be a beneficial financial planning tool to allow more independence and greater financial freedom.


Tile Tips From The Pros: Shower Pan


Cabell “Cabby” Lolmaugh from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Tile Shop location shares great info on renovating a shower enclosure, a popular DIY tile project. With so many options, you can get creative and design a shower space that would cost you much more if turned over to professionals. If you are going to do a shower space yourself, you should do your homework and understand what goes into it. One part of the project is the shower pan. Cabby shows us a sample shower pan, explains its function and how to install one. For more information, visit


Designing Spaces Hits the Road with an Electric Car


In case you haven’t noticed, there are more electric vehicles on our roads. What exactly does it mean to own an electric vehicle — also known as EVs? Are they less expensive to operate than the traditional car? How much money can we expect to save by not filling up our vehicles with gas? And do you need to worry about being stranded? Jonah Teeter-Balin, Director of Product Marketing for EV-Charging Solutions company, AeroVironment, joins us with some detailed explanations, along with a show and tell. Think of it as “Electric Vehicles – 101.”


Kids Spaces Special


When summer and vacations come to an end, it’s back-to-school time. For many people it’s also renovation time! Designing Spaces is here to provide solutions for improvement conundrums. This young teenager, Charlie’s room has seen better days: the flooring needed some serious help as did his furniture! With the guidance from Mom & the experts, we were able to give him a great bedroom makeover. Charlie is getting older and needs a more mature room – one that he can enjoy as “his space”. We get help from Tracy Daves from Shaw flooring with tips and the best flooring for


Let’s Redesign Your Child’s Bedroom!


As adults, we often love to upgrade our furniture, giving our home a new look. So why not extend that consideration to your child and their room? We have the perfect outlet to help you transform their room called It’s an online cornucopia of high-quality furniture, textiles, home accessories, and more. We’re talking everything from eco-friendly sheets to high-quality luxury furniture. ATG works with Pinterest to help you and your child find their new happy place and love where they live. provides a high-quality customer experience from concept to completion. Celebrity Interior Designer and ATG Spokeswoman, Alexa Hampton,