How To Stage Your Home for Success

How To Stage Your Home for Success - Designing Spaces

Karen Conrad, home staging expert and author of “The First Seven Seconds” helps a frustrated realtor transform a beautiful home that’s having a difficult time getting sellers to bite. Karen explains that potential buyers make a decision to purchase a home in the first seven seconds of walking in. That’s why you need to grab their attention quickly and effectively. Karen gives tips on how to transform the home and stage it to perfection, and impress buyers in the first 7 seconds. Visit


Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

Tips to Save Energy in Your Home - Designing Spaces

How energy efficient is your home? Do you really know what elements and factors in and around your home affect your electric bill? Duke Energy adviser Gordon Appleton visits one home to take us on a tour that reveals what we can do to save on electricity. Gordon points out a number of areas in the home where electricity is expended needlessly to keep the interior comfortable. Inadequate insulation, drafty windows and doors, even water temperature can all affect the utility bill. He also points out helpful tips homeowners can do inexpensively to reduce energy waste. Bottom line: being energy


How to Create an Organized, Mess Free Laundry Room

Mess Free Laundry Room - Designing Spaces

Is your laundry room a cluttered mess? Ironic when you think about it because it’s where we go to clean our clothes, and probably store our cleaning supplies! Professional organizer Tatiana to the rescue. She’s got a fix for the dreaded dilemma of a cluttered laundry room. Get ready to make things spick-and-span.


Transform Your Backyard into a Landscaped Oasis

Transform Your Backyard into a Landscaped Oasis - Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces teams up with NPT Hardscapes for a backyard makeover. Their collection of hardscape materials and concrete pavers will spark imagination- and transform any backyard into a perfect outdoor living space. We’ll show you how easy and quick it can be to use segmental pavers to create your own backyard oasis, whether or not you have a pool!


Stage Your Home for Success


You can make small improvements to your home that can make a big difference. Duke Energy can help you evaluate your homes energy usage and give you practical tips to save energy and money. Next up, staging your home for a successful open house. We’re getting tips from Karen Conrad, author of “The First Seven Seconds”, she’s helping one frustrated realtor who’s having a hard time getting buyers to bite on potentially beautiful home. Helping out the home buyer, we’re getting tips from Affinity Partnerships as part of our Mortgage 101 Series. We’re wrapping it up with an overview on


Tips on How to Buy a Home

Tips on How to Buy a Home - Designing Spaces

John Alexander and David Villarreal from Affinity Partnerships give us the straight talk on home loans and mortgages. In this segment of Mortgage 101 we finish our mini-series with a review and some additional sage advice to put anyone thinking about buying a home on the right track. Topics cover approval steps, pulling finances and credit together, and a checklist to help you get started. Happy house hunting!


Yard Work Made Easy

Yard Work Made Easy

Many homeowners take pride in maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape. All too often, their single biggest impediment to getting the job done right is their powered yard tools. Now, with lithium-ion battery power, the picture has changed. Not only are these new tools easier to use, they are more environmentally friendly. First up, we see the Yard Force self-propelled electric lawn mower. Like the other electric powered tools, the user is freed from needing gasoline and monitoring gas and oil mixtures. Plus, the high torque motors are quieter. Also seen are the line trimmer and leaf blower to help


Breathing Fresh Air in Your Home


Smog, haze and other greenhouse gases… we all know that air pollution is bad for our health, but did you realize that indoor air can be just as hazardous? Research has shown that indoor air pollution is even more hazardous to your health than outdoor air pollution. It can even lead to short and long term effects including allergies, asthma and it’s even linked to some fatal diseases. To reduce the harmful effects of indoor pollutants, leading manufacturer Fantech – a Systemair company, has created a ventilation system called Fresh Appliance. It’s designed to provide a continuous supply of clean


Simple Solutions for the Home


Keep your home clean and organized with tips from today’s pros. Keeping your bathroom clean is easier than ever with Ty-D-Bol Natural bathroom cleaners/products, they work naturally to remove soap and scum build-up, while eliminating mold and mildew stains and killing odor causing bacteria. While we know bacteria can be harmful, did you know that indoor air can be harmful to you? It’s been associated with causing allergies and asthma but thanks to Fantech they have developed a solution to provide fresh air throughout your home or office, so you can breathe easy. Need another way to make life easier?


How to Clean Your Bathroom More Naturally


Keeping your bathroom clean is easier than ever with Ty-D-Bol Natural bathroom cleaners/products. Made in the USA, they’re better for your health, your budget and our earth. Powered by natural ingredients like tea tree, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils, Ty-D-Bol Natural works hard to remove soap and scum build-up. It eliminates mold and mildew stains while killing odor causing bacteria. Affordable, eco-friendly and safe, it provides a naturally green clean you can see.