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The New Generation of Electric Golf Cars for Transport

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Electric vehicles we commonly call golf cars make for an ideal, quiet mode of transportation around a community. And, there will be no trips to the gas station. A visit to the E-Z-GO plant in Augusta, Georgia, named one of the top 10 manufacturing facilities in North America by IndustryWeek magazine in 2009, reveals electric vehicles made to exacting standards using automotive technology and best practices. It is here that the various models and styles of golf cars, utility, and personal transportation vehicles are made with a broad assortment of features and options. We see examples of basic features of E-Z-GO vehicles such as the Freedom® RXV, Express S4; all popular models built specifically for neighborhood and community use. Next, Designing Spaces visits a nearby community where the E-Z-GO electric vehicles are a part of the resident’s lifestyle. We soon see that E-Z-GO electric vehicles are convenient…quiet…reduce your carbon footprint….and fun.

E-Z Come, E-Z-GO!

No trips to the gas station when you zip around town in this eco-friendly, quiet, Electric Vehicle

Did you know you could easily move through your neighborhood without wasting gas in your car?

In addition to a full line of electric personal golf cars, E-Z-GO® has introduced the 2Five®, a street-legal vehicle designed to journey in communities and on public roads with speeds of 35 mph or less. E-Z-GO Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) are a fun and convenient way to travel through your neighborhood without wasting gas.

Residents in master-planned communities, gated communities, downtown areas, and municipalities are great candidates for this alternative transportation method. These attractive vehicles provide an environmentally friendly
and game-changing way to travel.

Did you know?

  • 100% of their vehicles are assembled in the United States.
  • E-Z-GO LSVs are 100% electric, emission-free and ultra quiet. E-Z-GO has more than 60 years of expertise in electric-vehicle technology.

he E-Z-GO plant in Augusta, Georgia, was named one of the top 10 manufacturing facilities in North America in 2009 by IndustryWeek magazine. It is here the various models and styles of golf cars, utility and personal transportation vehicles are made, such as:

– Freedom® Series
– 2Five®
– Express Series
-Terrain Series

E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. company, was founded in 1954 and is a leading manufacturer of golf cars, utility, and personal transportation vehicles. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for citizens via eco-friendly and alternative modes of transportation.

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Designing Spaces™ Talks Making it Easy to Go Electric


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Designing Spaces® Talks Making it Easy to Go Electric With E-Z-GO® Vehicles

Viewers learn about the benefits of going electric with golf cars that extend beyond 18 holes on January 29th on Lifetime TV

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR.Com – January 26, 2015) Designing Spaces®, an award-winning home improvement show, welcomes back E-Z-GO® to the show to discuss electric vehicles on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime. The encore presentation of this show will air on March 6, 2015 on Lifetime.

On this episode, Designing Spaces takes a deeper look into personal golf cars – from the history to the manufacturing process to the enhanced lifestyle these vehicles bring to today’s golf courses and neighborhoods.

Nick Moore from E-Z-GO joins the show to describe the benefits of using electric vehicles, commonly called golf cars, including reducing one’s carbon footprint, the convenience for short drives and running errands to being a fun and ideal mode of transportation that does not require a trip to the gas station.

Viewers are then taken to the manufacturing plant in Augusta, Georgia where plant manager Heather Meyer will describe how electric vehicles, created for personal use in neighborhoods and golf-car friendly communities, are made. Designing Spaces will also visit a community to see how owners typically use their vehicles.

Features of the E-Z-GO®, Freedom® series, 2Five®, and Express series vehicles will be highlighted.

E-Z-GO is a leading manufacturer of golf cars, utility and personal transportation vehicles. For more information, please go to:

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