Detecting Repairs in the Home with Thermal Imaging Cameras

See the Unseen

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Having a complete set of tools is just what the motivated DIYer needs, but what about detection? How do you know where there may be an electrical problem in a wall, or where your HVAC system has a leak? Used by professionals, a thermal imager can put you on the right track. People think thermal imaging is something for the military, police, and high end contractors, and some military thermal imaging gear can cost up to fifty thousand dollars. Innovations and advancements in infrared sensing technologies have made these cameras affordable and accessible to the average homeowner today. The Seek Compact is a small, lightweight camera that plugs directly into your iOS or Android device and uses a free app to turn it into a powerful thermal imager. The Seek Compact is also useful for camping, night applications, and other uses. Now homeowners have a versatile tool that opens up a whole new world of detection for a safe and efficient home.

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