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Debi Marie meets up with Gerry Chavez, a Product Manager for Henry Roofing products, to guide us through a DIY roof repair at Frank’s house.  Frank has a roof leak that is showing up in the master bedroom, and is looking for a possibly inexpensive solution. Rather than pay a roofer hundreds of dollars, he decides to take on the roof repair himself. Gerry begins by showing Frank what to look for that could cause the roof leak. A quick survey of Frank’s roof reveals the problem. After an explanation of the materials available for making the repair, Gerry takes Frank through the steps to repair the leak using the selected Henry products. Once completed, the guys talk with Debi Marie about DIY roofing, and Gerry suggests some safety tips for working on roofs. Another DIY project completed, saving Frank money, thanks to Designing Spaces and the Henry Company.

Don't Hit the Roof

A crack here, a split there, do you need to repair your roof?

How old is your roof? 5, 10, 20 years old?

A crack here, a split there, most homeowners know that at some point leaks will develop, and fixing them is a dreaded expense that can drain the wallet, let alone possibly having to replace the entire roof!

Did you know that you as a homeowner can fix small leaks as a DIY project without having to hire a roofing contractor? By taking care of the leaks before they become bigger problems, you can avoid suddenly finding yourself putting containers all over your house to catch the water dripping into them.

What if you don’t have any water leaking into your home right now? Does that mean you don’t have any problem areas? Here are 3 typical areas where a roof may develop a leak:

• Check for cracks, splits, tears or any visible problems.
• Check all roof penetration points, such as skylights, chimneys or roof vents. 80% of roof leaks occur at some roof penetration.
• Check all places where dissimilar materials come together, such as where metal meets brick.

Henry Company roofing products help you protect your greatest investment: your home. Their roofing line can provide a quality roof repair that in some cases can eliminate the need to completely replace your roof:

Henry Wet Patch/Extreme Wet Patch/Rubberized Wet Patch

• Seals leaks on wet or dry surfaces
• Works even under water or in driving rain
• Easy cold or hot weather application (from 20 to 120 degrees!)
• Rubberized Wet Patch 208R has a 10 year warranty with excellent strength and durability
• Extreme Wet Patch 209 has a lifetime warranty and stops leaks instantly

So before you hit the roof with a big expense, tune in to see Gerry Chavez, Senior Product Manager, Henry Company on Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as he climbs the roof to show viewers step by step how to repair minor leaks with Henry 209 Extreme Wet Patch, Clear Patch sealant and Henry 183 Roof Repair Fabric.

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And remember, safety first, and some roof projects are meant to be left to the professionals!

Henry Company Helps Patch Up Problems on Roofs on Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime TV


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Gerry Chavez from Henry Company demonstrates to viewers how cracks and leaks can be fixed with the proper products

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG/CISION – April 24, 2013) Most homeowners know that at some point leaks will develop on the roof, and fixing them is a dreaded expense that can drain the wallet. Make sure to tune in to the popular home improvement show Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime Television on Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) to see Gerry Chavez from Henry Company demonstrate easy DIY roof repair projects.

During the “DIY Solutions for Protecting Your Greatest Investment” episode, Chavez and our Designing Spaces host climbs up on a homeowner’s roof to determine the source of several crack and leaks. Chavez will talk about the three typical areas where a roof may develop a leak, and the benefits of using Henry Wet Patch, Extreme Wet Patch and Rubberized Wet Patch products to seal leaks in wet or cold weather on both wet and dry surfaces.

“It’s great to have Henry Company on the show to give viewers the chance to see up close and personal how they can fix many small leaks themselves without having to spend a large amount to money for costly repairs that would really strain the family budget, “ says Lysa Liemer, Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer of “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime.

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