Buy, Sell, Stage and Spruce Up Your Home


Ready to buy, sell, stage and spruce up your home? We’ve got the how-to and know-how to help. Looking to buy or sell a home? These days you can do most of the work online. Tips for staging your home sale for success. And if you have pets… you know carpets and four legged friends don’t always mix. We’ve got pet-friendly options. Plus the loan process for first time buyers… Affinity is ready to help with advice you need to know. If the shoe fits… put it in its proper place! Ways to keep your shoe collection organized. And fire


Designing Spaces flooring, organizing tips, stylish framing


In this episode we review great options & tips for you and your family from ways to protect your furniture, ways to touch up flooring and tips to get organized. Easy and simply – Also we review some loan options and how you can protect and beautifully frame your past & present images.


Increase Curb Appeal with Easy Updates to Your Home


Need to add some pizzazz to your home? With easy upgrades you can increase your home’s desirability and curb appeal. Start with the eye of your home – the entry way! A new front door courtesy of Therma-Tru Corp will add the eye-catching first impression you want your guests to have when you welcome them to your home. Next, step the bathroom! Adding new insulated glass doors from The Dwyer Gruop will not only look great but also make your home more energy efficient. Who does’t want that? Another great way to jazz up your home is with art. Preserve


Designing Spaces – Spaces of Hope visits Beautiful Colorado


Discovery…leadership…values… …Students being pushed waaay out of their comfort zone…experiencing new life lessons….building character… This special edition of Designing Spaces “Spaces of Hope”we’re combining those ideas as we rebuild this kitchen at the Colorado Outward Bound School…we are giving it a much needed makeover! We traveled to Leadville, Colorado! We’re in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at over 10 thousand feet… in this charming western city…surrounded by spectacular scenery. It is here at this branch of the Colorado Outward Bound School, the Leadville Basecamp, that a special class of students converge to basically change their lives. We partnered once


Make the Holiday Season Wonderful


The holiday time is a time to enjoy & engage w/ loved ones and make everlasting memories…In this episode we show how to take the stress of holiday travel, how you can transform your stair case, protecting your home and those you love w/ safety tips, & see the latest & great gift ideas for your tech side and space saving ideas!


Innovative Home Tips


Whether you’re looking for home tech tips, how to weatherize your home, ways to protect your furniture or innovative heating ideas, we cover it all in this episode!


Neva King Cooper Educational Center in Miami Gets a Makeover


We travel to Miami, Florida to give back to a deserving school, their students and the wonderful teachers who help these children every day. Their goal and that of the school is to give all students the tools needed to communicate independently, enhance normalization, and grow/develop to their maximum potential. This will take place through the use of special technology and an individualized curriculum.


Family, Children & Home


In this episode we show how bringing baby home can be such a magical time and a stress free time with a variety of tips and ideas, Disney Star Tiffany Thornton joins us! Also we are treating the rest of the family to some fun children activities.


Protect Your Home with Upgrades and Safety Precautions


Your first priority in a new or existing home is ensuring the safety of those inside. If living in a home 1970’s or prior, it may be beneficial to replace whole panels when breaker panels are no longer available. Connecticut Electric helps homeowners explore their options that can save both time and money. Next on your home owner list is ensuring you know when your smoke detector battery is ready to be replaced. With Roost, Inc. they have made sure that you know when your batteries are ready to be switched out with a wifi enabled detector, which helps keep