Expanding Your Cell Phone’s Photo Capabilities With Sony DSC-QX10

Sony QX10 for better cell phone images

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The Sony DSC-QX10 Photo Capabilities

Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery, introduces mom Crystal to the Sony DSC-QX10 lens for her iPhone camera. Crystal has been looking for a way to get better pictures of her daughter Ariel, and the QX10 functions as a zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right onto your smartphone. Now, you can get 10 times closer to the action with your phone, and still share the pictures instantly on-line, thanks to the versatile QX10. Crystal can even shoot HD video with low grain even in low light. Think of it as a lens and camera that turns your phone into the viewing screen, and also your method of sending out your images. The lens/camera can even be detached from the phone, allowing the photographer the opportunity to take shots at unusual angles, increasing versatility. Finally, Me Ra gives Crystal tips for better pictures to improve her photographer’s eye.

Sony “Zooms In” On Improving Smartphone Photos on Designing Spaces airing on Lifetime TV


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Sony “Zooms In” On Improving Smartphone Photos on Designing Spaces airing on Lifetime TV

Viewers will learn smart tips for getting the best photo results with their camera phones with Sony’s new QX Len-style camera on March 27th Kids Spaces Show

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR.Com/CISION – March 25, 2014) Sony Electronics, Inc. will be featured on the award-winning home improvement show Designing Spaces™ airing on Lifetime Television on Thursday, March 27th, 2014 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as part of the show’s “Kids Spaces” programming line-up.

During the segment, “Expanding Your Cell Phone’s Image Making Capabilities”, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery, will introduce a mom to the Sony DSC-QX10 “lens-style” camera for her iPhone to help her capture better, higher-quality photos of her children. The unique QX10 camera is a zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right onto a smartphone, allowing the user to get 10 times closer to the action.

Additionally, because the “lens style” camera uses Wi-Fi® to link up with a phone, it can be held separately in hand while still maintaining all functionality. Once pictures are taken, they are transferred immediately to the connected phone and can be shared as desired.

“Our Designing Spaces viewers are always looking to incorporate innovative products into their lifestyle that enhance and make their lives easier. We’re happy that Sony, such a trusted name in the electronics space, has joined us to give them an easy-to-use and convenient tool to achieve great photos of their families that they will cherish for a lifetime,” said Scott Moss, Director of Programming of Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime TV.

“Sony is thrilled at the opportunity for our QX10 camera to be featured on Designing Spaces, as the camera’s unique design is a perfect match for the show’s creative, fun-filled nature and it’s loyal, forward-thinking fan base,” said Rosemary Flynn, director of marketing for Sony Digital Imaging.

To learn more about Sony’s QX10 Lens-style camera, please visit: http://www.sony.com/QX

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