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Exploring Myths About Water Softeners With Morton Salt

You’ve heard conflicting stories about water softeners, but don’t know what to believe. Truth be told, using a water softener where water enters the home is a viable and cost effective solution to eliminating hard water issues. Emily Arthurs from Morton Salt® sat down with Designing Spaces to shatter eight misconceptions about water softeners. The bottom line, your water softener is the only appliance in your household that will protect all other water using appliances. Also, household expenses are reduced because of more efficient operation of those appliances. For a true understanding of what a water softener could do for a home plagued with hard water problems, watch this portion of Designing Spaces!

Hard Water Myths, Soft Water Facts

Get the facts about how soft water and a water softener can change your home and life.

Do you have “hard” water? You may if you see mineral build up on a glass shower door, soap scum, water spotting on dishes or clothing that looks dull.

There are other effects over time that age appliances like dish washers and water heaters — and that can be tough on a home – and a wallet!

It is possible to soften your water. First, you’ll need to install a water softener, whose positive effects can make for a more comfortable and cost efficient household.

Emily Arthurs from Morton® Salt sat down with Designing Spaces in a recent episode to shatter seven misconceptions about water softeners.

Myth: By removing the hard water minerals from water you with a softener, you will deprive your body of the healthy nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

Fact: The calcium and magnesium found in hard water is inorganic, meaning that it can’t be digested. If your body needs calcium and magnesium, eat the right foods or use dietary supplement.

Myth: Softened water leaves a film on your skin because something has been added to your water.

Fact: It’s true that your skin will feel softer after a shower with soft water because your body’s natural oils are able to stay your skin’s surface. You will use less soaps and shampoos, because they will lather faster. After a shower in soft water, you are actually cleaner than when you shower with hard water. It’s hard water that leaves a film on your skin and hair.

Morton recommends using salt — no, not standard table salt, we’re talking water softening salt pellets! Most of the eastern part of the United States, for example, has high iron in their water supply. Morton recommends their green bag product, Rust Remover, for these areas.

The yellow bag is their patented formula salt pellets, System Saver® II Patented Water Softening Pellets that work with your pellets to keep the resin beads working longer, saving you money in the long run!

Salt Pellets help your softener run at peak performance, cleaner and longer, and keep soft water flowing through your home.

Watch the episode to learn more hard water myths, and soft water facts!

And Visit http://www.Mortonsalt.com/testmywater to get a free test strip to find out if you have hard water and find out more about water softeners and salt pellets.

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Designing Spaces® Features Morton Salt To Explore Myths About Water Softeners


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Designing Spaces® Features Morton Salt To Explore Myths About Water Softeners on Lifetime®

In the first segment of the miniseries, “The Truth About Water Softening”, Emily Arthurs from Morton® Salt, Inc. shatters several misconceptions about water softeners on March 13 Show on Lifetime

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG – March 12, 2015) Designing Spaces®, the award-winning home improvement TV show airing on Lifetime welcomes back Morton Salt, Inc. to talk hard water and explore the myths about water softeners. Make sure to tune in on Friday, March 13, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) to hear what a water softener can do for a home. This show will re-air on April 2, 2015.

Emily Arthurs from Morton Salt, Inc. returns to Designing Spaces for a 2-part miniseries to continue the discussion on hard water and its effects on a household. In the first segment, “Myth Busting: The Truth About Water Softening and Why it’s Best for Your Home”, viewers will hear about myths around softening their water and get the facts about how soft water and a water softener can change your home and life.

The long term effects of hard water, from mineral build up on glass shower doors to water spotting on dishes are easy to see. Using a water softener like the Morton® System Saver® Water Softening System with Morton® System Saver® II Water Softening Salt Pellets in your home is a viable and cost effective solution to eliminating hard water issues.

“Once again, Morton Salt offers straight-forward information delivered in a memorable way through busting myths that our viewers enjoy and appreciate,” said Scott Moss, Director of Programming of Designing Spaces.

To learn more about water softening and maintenance, please visit: http://www.MortonSalt.com.

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