Exploring Options in Ceramic Braces Technology

An education for parents on today's braces

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 Options in Ceramic Braces Technology

Ann Bruck RDH, Global Professional Services Manager, 3M Unitek, talks about the advances in orthodontic braces technology that has changed the whole experience. The metal-mouth days with bulky headgear are over. With Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces you have a small, comfortable and more aesthetic braces. They are unnoticeable, blending in with the color of your teeth, smooth and do not discolor. Also, new technology has made applying braces quicker and better for the teeth, and treatment times can be shorter than in the past. Kid Spaces visits Alvetro Orthodontics, where quality orthodontic care is provided in a comfortable environment, the kid friendly atmosphere helps patients relax and make the whole experience of getting braces much less intimidating. Lisa Alvetro DDS, DMD, also explains how the braces work, using teeth models and Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic braces, plus the 3M Forsus™ Correctors. Ann Bruck summarizes with a message to parents.

Braces – They've Come a Long Way

Create a healthy beautiful smile with aesthetic, technologically advanced, and comfortable braces

Do you think that Orthodontic treatment takes too much time, is uncomfortable, unattractive and is only for adolescents?

Or maybe you feel you have no choice in the type of braces you are treated with. Braces have come a long way from the days of having a mouth full of metal!

The goal of every orthodontist is to give adults or kids alike healthy beautiful smiles, so Kids Spaces teamed up with 3M, a leader in the orthodontics business for over 60 years… yes, these are the same people who brought you Post-It and Scotch Tape…..to take a look at the latest in braces:

• Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces are small, comfortable, and the most aesthetic braces available. Enable shorter treatment times compared to removable trays. Unnoticeable, blends with the color of your teeth, smooth, and they do not discolor

• New technology 3M APC Adhesives has made applying braves quicker and better for the teeth (protects tooth enamel)

• Clarity ADVANCED braces make the colors of the rubber bands POP. So if you want to represent your school or just express yourself with your favorite color, these are the braces of choice!! Or you can wear clear rubber bands that cannot be seen at all.

• Forsus™ Appliances – in cases when special movement is needed, there is no longer a need for bulky, embarrassing headgear and wires that you wear outside of your mouth. 3M Forsus appliances are small, worn inside the mouth, comfortable and work faster than the old-fashioned removable headgear.

You have a choice! 3M products are available from orthodontists around the world. You can ask for 3M products by name and find an orthodontist in your neighborhood by visiting 3MBraces.com

And if you are considering those supposed “invisible” trays consider this… Clarity ADVANCED braces are less expensive, have been found to treat more quickly than the removable appliances, are not embarrassing because you have to take them out when eating, don’t get lost, don’t smell and don’t discolor like the attachments used with trays.

You can find out a lot more about braces and the various choices that you have at http://www.3MBraces.com

Go to http://www.Paintyoursmile.com to see how you would look in braces. Parents, go to http://www.hiddenbraces.com to take a look.

Orthodontic treatment can change your life.

You are never too old for braces!

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Designing Spaces® and 3M Talk Kids’ Braces


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Designing Spaces® and 3M Talk Kids’ Braces

3M will be featured in a “Kids Spaces” segment to discuss the latest options in kids’ braces and the health benefits of a healthy smile on Lifetime® on March 20th

(POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – March 19, 2015) Award-winning show Designing Spaces® teamed up with 3M, a leader in the orthodontics business for more than 60 years, to look at the latest choices in kids’ braces on a special episode of “Kids Spaces” airing on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime. Encore presentations of this segment will air on April 9, 2015, and May 1, 2015, on Lifetime.

The Designing Spaces team visits with Lisa Alvetro, DDS on-site at Alvetro Orthodontics in Ohio to show viewers the kid-friendly atmosphere that helps relax kids and make the experience less intimidating, learn about several new aesthetic and technological advancements in braces, and hear from the young patients who are wearing each type.

The segment “Exploring the Options in Braces Technology: An Education for Today’s Parents” will feature an interview with Ann Bruck, RDH from 3M, and highlight Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces, the most aesthetic braces available, as they blend in with the color of the patients’ teeth; Incognito™ Hidden Braces; new adhesive technology APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive, only available from 3M, which reduces bonding time and protects tooth enamel while in treatment; and Forsus™ Appliances, worn inside the mouth and offer an alternative to bulky headgear.

To learn more and find an orthodontist in your area, please visit: http://www.3MBraces.com and http://www.paintyoursmile.com to see how one would look in braces.


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