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Kel-Tec Industries Teaches Firearm Safety for the Holidays

With the holidays come all kinds of activities, and we should be aware of safety issues. Electrical cords, decorations, family and visitors in and out of the house do require taking steps to prevent potential fires, injuries, or home security problems. But what if there are firearms in the home?

Taking extra measures to make sure they are secure is a smart move, and we have Chad Enos from Kel-Tec; a pioneer in concealed carry weapons, joins us to give us smart advice on firearms in the home for the holiday season.

The Holidays and Firearm Safety

Get smart advice on firearms in the home for the busy holiday season

The holidays bring us many joys, and full households…family visiting from out of town…and kids looking through closets and places they normally don’t go to see if they can get a glimpse of a present hidden away before the big day.

And many homes have firearms. What we really don’t want is for kids to find them.

What safety measures can the head of the household take to assure there could never be a tragic accident?

o Use Trigger Lock
o Use cable lock – works on just about any kind of handgun
o Store in a gun safe (small safes designed to fit 1 or 2 pistols with biometric locks)

A firearm can also be a gift, but keep in mind:

o Before making a purchase of a firearm as a gift, check with local law enforcement about laws concerning firearms transferring/ownership in your city, county and state, as they may vary.
o For the gifting of firearms, it is legal without paperwork in the majority of states as long as the firearm you are gifting was legally transferred to you—the person giving the gift.
o But definitely be confident the person you are gifting the weapon to is not a felon and/or prohibited from owning a firearm.
o A gift certificate is a good work around to this because: They will have to go through a background check and; it gives them the choice of what firearm they want.

Remember, a firearm is always considered to be loaded and dangerous. Safety first and make sure that if you are using a firearm that you are trained properly.

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