Going Green with Solar Power in Your Home

Solar Panels For Your Home

Designing Spaces

Blake and Millie talk about the benefits of solar power home installation. They go up on the roof to show how solar modules are installed, and they speak with an electrician to find out how solar panel installation leads to saving money. The direct current from the sun comes down into the solar panels and is then transferred from the roof into the inverter. The inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, and the alternating current feeds the house panel. This allows the homeowner to use less utilities and save more money. Visit vivintsolar.com to learn more about installing solar panels, going green, and saving money.

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    So many bootstrapping synergies these days, better cheaper DC/AC inverters, at higher efficiencies, household batteries price crashing, there’s 48 times as much solar power, just in the last decade. No wonder, after all, the price of solar energy went down to 1/200 th of what it was 1975-2013, that’s very compelling.