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Designing Spaces - Green SpacesThink Green™ helps increase awareness about our environment, with the mission to help viewers think green, save green and live a greener lifestyle.

The show partners with environmental experts, green associations and organizations and the world’s leading corporations to help make a difference to our planet. Our objective is to re-educate, re-think, and reconsider the environment as part of our economy, health, and community — which all must work together effectively to create a “greener lifestyle.”

Designing Spaces Think Green answers many questions regarding homeowners’ misconceptions and offers candid advice for families who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. What is the best way to make your home more energy efficient? What can a family recycle besides glass, cans and paper? “Think Green” provides these answers and more…..with clear-cut solutions to help viewers take on remodeling projects, retro fits, the benefits of  “going green to save green”, while inspiring them to lessen their own carbon footprint.

A healthier environment means healthier lives for all of us. Think Green hopes to inspire viewers to take care of our home— our ultimate living space, planet earth!

Designing Spaces: Think Green Saving Money and Helping the Environment


Designing Spaces: Think Green visits Vivint Solar Headquarters in Utah to learn how installing solar panels can save between 10% – 40% on power bills. Get a solar tutorial and learn how easy it is to install solar panels onto your home. Also, HPS Schönox starts from the ground up and shows how to refresh and convert your home with new long-lasting floors. Their products are environmentally friendly and safe for working and living. Then, it’s off to college as Trinity International, an eco-friendly company, gives tips and advice for organizing storage space in a college dorm room. Finally, learn


 Designing Spaces® Talks Going Green by Tackling Tough SubFloors, Installing Solar Panels

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact BrandStar (844) 200-2525     Vivint Solar, Inc. Schönox HPS/High Performance Subfloors, Inc. featured on December 4th Show on Lifetime®   (POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – December 2, 2015)  Designing Spaces®, the award-winning home improvement show, will feature a special “Think Green” segment featuring some of the hottest names in solar panels and subfloor solutions on Friday, December 4, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime®. Tune in to hear trusted information that will help homeowners make every space count.   These featured segments will take center stage on Designing Spaces:   See How


Think Green with Vivint Solar – Designing Spaces


Andy and Millie are back with Vivint Solar, and this time they’re at Vivint Solar Headquarters in Utah to show how Vivint Solar is changing the entire process of the way people get solar on their homes. On the tour around the facility, Millie meets with the managers to discuss exciting innovations with the company, and then with designers to learn how solar modules are installed and the process that goes into customizing individual designs for each customer. She also  meets with the CEO of the company to find out more about how Vivint Solar is helping people save 10%


Designing Spaces® Goes Green Up On the Roof with Solar Power,On Land & Sea with Biodegradable Plastic Alternative to Plastic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Pam Steele-Unger O2 Media (954) 691-1102 Vivint Solar, Inc., EcoZenith USA will be featured on August 20 and September 3 Show on Lifetime® (POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR LOG – August 19, 2015)  Designing Spaces®, the award-winning home improvement show, will go up on the roof to feature solar power for the home, and bring viewers the latest on a biodegradable alternative to plastic as part of its “Think Green” programming. Tune in Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime® for lively conversation and trusted information that will help homeowners make


Designing Spaces: Think Green


On today’s episode, we learn about the importance of thinking green in terms of energy consumption, an alternative to conventional plastics, and saving money through energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options. Vivntsolar shows the installation process for rooftop solar panels and the decreased cost in utilities through the use of green solar energy. Steven Kim, from EcoZenith, talks about a non-toxic biodegradable alternative to conventional plastics called PBC (Poly Bio Ceramic). This high performance polymer will help reduce ocean pollution and toxic emissions of Dioxins caused by conventional plastics throughout the planet. Representatives from Goodman Manufacturing show methods for thinking green


Eco Zenith Provides an Alternative to Plastic

Eco Zenith Provides an Alternative to Plastic

Debi Marie speaks to Steven Kim, the Vice President and CFO of EcoZenith USA, about a new alternative to conventional plastic. Steven begins by explaining the current environmental issues surrounding conventional plastic such as ocean pollution, the emissions of Dioxins during manufacturing and incineration, and plastic’s 1,000 year decomposition rate. However, EcoZenith USA has created an alternative to plastic called PBC (Poly Bio Ceramic). PBC is a high performance polymer made from Calcium Carbonate, a mineral that makes up 4% of the Earth’s crust. The abundance of this raw material makes PBC strong competition for conventional plastic because PBC is