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Designing Spaces - Green SpacesThink Green™ helps increase awareness about our environment, with the mission to help viewers think green, save green and live a greener lifestyle.

The show partners with environmental experts, green associations and organizations and the world’s leading corporations to help make a difference to our planet. Our objective is to re-educate, re-think, and reconsider the environment as part of our economy, health, and community — which all must work together effectively to create a “greener lifestyle.”

Designing Spaces Think Green answers many questions regarding homeowners’ misconceptions and offers candid advice for families who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. What is the best way to make your home more energy efficient? What can a family recycle besides glass, cans and paper? “Think Green” provides these answers and more…..with clear-cut solutions to help viewers take on remodeling projects, retro fits, the benefits of  “going green to save green”, while inspiring them to lessen their own carbon footprint.

A healthier environment means healthier lives for all of us. Think Green hopes to inspire viewers to take care of our home— our ultimate living space, planet earth!

Tips On Growing Organic Vegetables

Growing Organic Vegetables

Growing Organic Vegetables In Your Backyard Kathryn Kellogg Johnson, Vice President, Organic Laboratories, Inc. sets the tone with a statement on the value of organic gardening. Michael Meier, Urban Farmer, Ground Floor Farm gives us a tour of an urban farm where everything is grown organically, on a small scale, for sale to the local market. Part of the farming regimen includes methods of eliminating insect pests. One of the pest control tools is Organocide® 3-in-1 Garden Spray. Michael visits the backyard vegetable garden of Kaitlyn, who is having trouble with pests attacking her vegetable garden. She does not want


New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home

New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home ....

New Ways to Cool and Heat Your Home With  Daikin North America LLC – On this Special Edition of Designing Spaces Green Spaces, correspondent Desiree Markella takes us on a tour of the latest in HVAC systems. There are three different types of systems: ducted, ductless and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume).  And they each have particular benefits. Desiree meets with Jim Fisher from Daikin North America to learn about the latest in ducted HVAC systems, and a visit with homeowner Laura shows how inverter systems are improving ducted systems. Next, Dave Palazzolo explains the operation of efficient and super flexible ductless


The Importance of Clean Indoor Air

Clean Indoor Air Broan-Nutone

Clean Indoor Air with Broan-NuTone –  Home Improvement TV Expert Danny Lipford challenges one home owner to an air quality challenge in the form of an indoor air evaluation. Air may be invisible, but it’s one of the most important aspects of your beautiful home.  Indoor air quality can definitely affect the quality of life for you and your family. There are 4 areas of your home’s ventilation we’re going to talk about today. Danny leads Morgan around her home, examining problems with the bathroom fan and the kitchen range hood. Sources of pollution like carpets, dust, pet dander, mold,


LED Lighting for Homes and Energy Efficiency Lighting

LED Lighting for Homes

Innovations in LED Lighting for Homes and Control for Today’s Homeowners – Designing Spaces’ Think Green visits a home in Smyrna, Georgia, which uses LED lighting for both the design options and the positive environmental impact. Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and wiring devices businesses’, Jodi Alston and Jack Larsh, return with more informative tips and suggestions on the latest advancements LED lighting for homes and innovations in energy efficient lighting and lighting controls for your home. Any interior designers, re-modelers or homeowners looking for high performance and versatility in a lighting system will find it with LED lighting for homes. You


Exploring the Benefits of Propane Gas


Propane Powered Homes for Green Living from AmeriGas – Think Green travels to Powhatan, Virginia to meet with Rich Napier, a builder who uses Propane throughout  his custom homes, and Mike Cline, a senior sales executive with AmeriGas,  the nation’s largest propane company. Mike and Rich explain and demonstrate the benefits of propane, which can be used for most household applications as a source of clean energy; including Home Heating, Water Heating, Cooking, Drying, Powering Generators and overall Outdoor Living.   Rich gives a tour of his All AmeriGas propane home, with a detailed breakdown of the benefits of propane powered


Innovations In Lighting Controls

Cooper Lighting

LED Lighting for Efficient and Atmospheric Lighting – Think Green visits a house in Smyrna, Georgia, which uses LED lighting not only functionally, but to great effect as part of the interior design. Jodi Alston from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Jack Larsh from Eaton’s Wiring Devices businesses, educate us on the latest advancements and innovations in LED Lighting and lighting controls for your home. By replacing all your incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps with Halo LED  Modules and then integrating lighting controls, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, which is good for the environment, and your pocket book. In this