Holiday Spaces

Wrapping It Up

Designing Spaces - Holiday SpacesHoliday Spaces™ is the premier programming of our “family of spaces.” This series brings our family to yours by bringing makeover magic and extraordinary holiday fare.

Let us inspire and entertain you as we dazzle with indoor and outdoor décor, create stunning holiday table settings from casual to couture, prepare holiday classics and gourmet treats, provide unforgettable family bonding projects that are made with love, celebrate old traditions and create new ones, and finally, highlight the hottest gift giving ideas that will please everyone on every shopping list.

The series wraps up and offers everything our viewers need to have a happy, healthy, stress-free, and truly enjoyable holiday.

’Tis the Season for Technology

TwoSmiles by HP

Online Shopping and Gift Cards from HP – Holiday shopper Alicia is overwhelmed with selecting and buying gifts for everyone, so Designing Spaces brought in Christine Kane from Hewlett-Packard to make the typically stressful holiday season easier, personal and more fun with great gifting solutions. What’s her secret? The TwoSmiles gift card that is not only personalized by offers a huge range of options for everyone on the holiday gift list. Alicia shops using her HP slate 7 in her living room, with the guidance of Christine. Together, they shop for Alicia’s family members and friends, saving hours of time


Dazzling Holiday Décor Inside and Out

Bethlehem Lights

Dazzling Holiday Décor Inside and Out – It’s time to up-date with new holiday lights that dazzle and thrill. Designing Spaces teamed up homeowners Lauren and Dale with Jim Wenz; the General Manager of GKI/Bethlehem Lights, to get expert advice on how to create holiday décor that will dazzle family and friends. Jim explains the differences between LEDs and traditional incandescent lights. LEDs use 92 percent less energy, give off less heat, and last 15 times longer than incandescent, and shows Lauren and Dale the differences between indoor and outdoor lights. a classic candle-lit effect, complimentary to the tree lighting,


Holiday Shipping Made Easy with Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express


USPS: A Reliable Way to Ship During the Holidays – Joining Designing Spaces’ Host Debi Marie is Toni DeLancey, spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, with a message of good cheer about the new services offered with US Priority Mail. Now it is easier than ever. How? Improved USPS tracking – so you can know where your package is; and insurance included up to $50, plus, when you mail your package, you’ll know if the package will arrive in one-day, two-days, or three-days. Debi then gets an explanation on the different services and types of packages, including Priority Mail


PC Safety & Protection for your Home Environment

PC Safety & Protection

This holiday season you may be spending a lot of time shopping online for the perfect gifts for friends and family. Or maybe you’re getting a new PC for your home. How do you keep your family and your information safe online, how will you protect your photos/memories of this holiday season? You know there are things you should be doing but who has time to even find out what those things are.


Microsoft: Interface Innovations for the Holidays


This holiday season give the family PC a makeover. If you bought a computer so the kids could do their homework or so that you could finish up some work at home in the evenings, it may be time to rethink how you’re using the PC in your home. Or maybe it’s time to put a new PC under the tree this holiday. We’ll look at all the friendly, useful new features in Windows Vista that make home computing easier, safer and more fun. Windows Vista can help you do a lot of things—we’ll focus on ways that you and