Meet the Hosts of Designing Spaces

The Hosts of Designing Spaces

Debi Marie & David Jones


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Debi Marie

The Hosts of Designing Spaces

Debi Marie discovered her passion as a television spokesperson, and has been a dedicated full-time, television spokesperson for the past 10 years. Her enthusiasm is seen simply in the enjoyment she finds in her work. Meeting new people, connecting and building rapport with others, and learning about new innovative products are just a few reasons that make her job full-filling and rewarding.

To date, her experience includes 450 commercials and 3000 infomercials as well as Live TV. She is known for her innate ability to promote a relaxed environment with her clients and on air talent that produces a sincere and persuasive message that easily relates to the consumer. This gift lends itself to effective product promotion

David Jones

The Hosts of Designing Spaces

David Jones has been in the entertainment business for many years in a wide variety of ways. He began with theater and radio in 1987, and in 1991 David made the leap from radio to television as host of the Fox Kid's Club in Tampa. Through a variety of programs like, Breakaway, Fast Forward, and the N.A.B. award winning David D. TV, he educated and entertained children in Florida for 6 years.

Since then, David has gone on to film a variety of local and national programs, infomercials, and commercials. Now David is co-hosting the #1 rated radio morning show on 107.9 WSRZ in Sarasota FL and is the co-host of “Designing Spaces" seen nationally on Lifetime.

While his career has been rich and fulfilling, he still feels his greatest achievement is his role as husband and father, to D.J., Justin, and wife Shari. “Shooting Designing Spaces over the years has been a blast, in fact we are like one big family — we just end up in different houses and spaces every week."

"Helping people to remodel and design the spaces that they live in."

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Quorum Productions

Michael Moss Quorum Productions

Created by Quorum Productions, Designing Spaces is a half-hour informative series that inspires viewers to make every space count and instructs them on the smartest ways to make their homes more beautiful and functional. From advice on large scale renovations to small modifications, simple tips on making everyday tasks easier for decorating on a budget, this is the one show that provides you with all the comprehensive information you'll need, presented in a fun, easy-to-follow format.

Quorum Productions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of O2 Media Inc., is a Florida-based production company that is nationally renowned for creating award-winning educational programming. Their informative shows are geared towards disseminating innovative ideas and practical solutions to everyday challenges. Guests on Designing Spaces have included representatives from companies such as Microsoft, Disney, MTV, Samsung, Chase Bank, Proctor & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Celebrity Cruise Lines and many others.

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