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Kids Are Our Future!

Designing Spaces - Kids SpacesKids Spaces™ recognizes the need to make a difference in the lives of children by appealing to time-starved parents with information they can use to be the most effective parents they can be.

The show takes parents on a journey through parenting with inspiration, guidance and fun.  Whether it’s making kids’ dream bedrooms a reality, to showing back to school hairstyles that impress, to offering tips on family-friendly vacation spots, the show provides solutions for the various ages and stages that all kids go through.

Our stories give parents smart advice on health and nutrition, finance, back-to-school-savings, and clothing that appeals to every fashionista. For the teens who love tech, we are one step ahead by showing state-of-the-art new technology and smart innovations that will satisfy all the “digital divas” and avid video gamers.

Designing Spaces Kids Spaces has a mission to continue to educate with powerful learning and keep all lines of communication open between parents and their children so they can grow up loved, healthy and strong… because they are our future!

Back to School and off to college – Taking time out to relax

Designing Spaces

Host Christina Nicholson from Designing Spaces takes Alex on a field trip to Bed Bath and Beyond ….where they meet with Karyn from HoMedics who has some relaxation tips. Karyn enlightens them to the wonders of aromatherapy and HoMedics Ellia line, as well as some of the other fantastic wellness products HoMedics offers. Tools that are sure to help Alex decompress, relax and unwind through the academic rigor of college life.


Off To College – Tips on Staying Healthy

Designing Spaces

Host Christina Nicholson is serving up some food hacks in the Designing Spaces studio kitchen to help give them an edge on eating healthy. She introduces two, fabulously compact and essential dorm room additions from Magic Chef; demonstrating how easy it is to handle limited space AND time with the right tools and ingredients


Back to School and off to college


Host Christina Nicholson introduces Alex to Roland from TESSCO Technologies, a leading wireless communications supplier. Roland has some cool, top gear that’s sure to keep the college freshman connected on campus and running at 100%.


Off to college – big ideas for tiny spaces

Designing Spaces

Host Christina Nicholson from Designing Spaces along with Jen from Dorel Home Products, tour Alex around a space decked out with home furnishings perfectly suited for small dwellings. Alex learns about great multi-use pieces that uniquely take advantage of available real-estate, without compromising on taste. A perfect marriage of form AND function. Multi-purpose fixtures, favorable for a productive dorm room existence and beyond.


The Importance of Hygiene in Schools


Interior design expert Kalyn Rothaus appeals to her friends in the business to help with some much needed upgrades for a Miami-Dade school in disrepair. GP PRO answers the call and outfits the special needs school with state-of-the-art, touchless hygienic solutions that make a large impact on each student’s daily well-being and Designing Spaces’ overall success.


Special School Makeover for Neva King Cooper School


We travel to Miami, Florida to give back to a deserving school, their students and the wonderful teachers who help these children every day. Their goal and that of the school is to give all students the tools needed to communicate independently, enhance normalization, and grow/develop to their maximum potential. This will take place through the use of special technology and an individualized curriculum.