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Kids Are Our Future!

Designing Spaces - Kids SpacesKids Spaces™ recognizes the need to make a difference in the lives of children by appealing to time-starved parents with information they can use to be the most effective parents they can be.

The show takes parents on a journey through parenting with inspiration, guidance and fun.  Whether it’s making kids’ dream bedrooms a reality, to showing back to school hairstyles that impress, to offering tips on family-friendly vacation spots, the show provides solutions for the various ages and stages that all kids go through.

Our stories give parents smart advice on health and nutrition, finance, back-to-school-savings, and clothing that appeals to every fashionista. For the teens who love tech, we are one step ahead by showing state-of-the-art new technology and smart innovations that will satisfy all the “digital divas” and avid video gamers.

Designing Spaces Kids Spaces has a mission to continue to educate with powerful learning and keep all lines of communication open between parents and their children so they can grow up loved, healthy and strong… because they are our future!

Organizing A College Dorm Room

Organizing A College Dorm Room

Designing Spaces’ Debi Marie meets up with Jane Chang Bright, Ambassador with Trinity International Industries, an Eco-friendly storage and organization company with products that make life easier and less cluttered! In this segment, Jane shows Debi how college students can organize the cramped spaces of a college dorm room. From clothes, to books, to school supplies, Jane has suggestions that are efficient, cost effective, and even Eco-friendly! College students rejoice—the space will be yours!


Expanding Your Cell Phone’s Photo Capabilities With Sony DSC-QX10

Sony DSC-QX10

The Sony DSC-QX10 Photo Capabilities Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery, introduces mom Crystal to the Sony DSC-QX10 lens for her iPhone camera. Crystal has been looking for a way to get better pictures of her daughter Ariel, and the QX10 functions as a zoom lens and sensor combo that clips right onto your smartphone. Now, you can get 10 times closer to the action with your phone, and still share the pictures instantly on-line, thanks to the versatile QX10. Crystal can even shoot HD video with low grain even in low light. Think of it as a lens and


How to Mix Kids and Cell Phones With TracFone

How to Mix Kids and Cell Phones

Cell Phone Safety For Kids With TracFone Karen is a mom with two children, a nine and eleven year old, and knows the value of keeping in touch with them using a cell phone. However, she does have worries; their safety and the cost of phones and service plans. Designing Spaces brings in family technology advisor and Mom, Susie Taylor, to show Karen how TracFone has a phone for every member of the family, and quality no-contract pay-as-you-go plans to keep costs down. Susie also has some “phone behavior” pointers for parents to use when giving a cell phone or android


Exploring Options in Ceramic Braces Technology

Exploring the Options in Braces Technology

 Options in Ceramic Braces Technology Ann Bruck RDH, Global Professional Services Manager, 3M Unitek, talks about the advances in orthodontic braces technology that has changed the whole experience. The metal-mouth days with bulky headgear are over. With Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces you have a small, comfortable and more aesthetic braces. They are unnoticeable, blending in with the color of your teeth, smooth and do not discolor. Also, new technology has made applying braces quicker and better for the teeth, and treatment times can be shorter than in the past. Kid Spaces visits Alvetro Orthodontics, where quality orthodontic care is provided


The Benefits of Renting for the College Crowd

National Apartment Association

Student housing is in demand as many college students are opting to live in an apartment rather than a dorm room. One of the first reasons students have for moving off campus is to save money. Depending on the school and surrounding area, sharing rent with several roommates, and doing your own cooking, can cost less than room and board in a residence hall. Doug Culkin from the National Apartment Association serves as our guide as Designing Spaces visits College Park, Maryland to see examples of student apartments off-campus. Some of the student housing product out there today is amazing—true


Active Play and Bonding Through Wii Family Games

Wii family Games Nintendo

A look at Wii’s new breakthrough gaming technology Active play and bonding with others is the new direction for gaming, and parents are being drawn into the action. Martin Amado meets up with Corey Olcsvary from Nintendo to experience a new game controller that opens your living room into a virtual playground. The new Wii Controller allows the family to play games, watch movies, chat on line, even use it as a TV remote control! Martin and Corey hang with a family of four, engaging everyone in the new approach to gaming, showing the versatility of the new Wii Controllers.