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Designing Spaces - Kids SpacesKids Spaces™ recognizes the need to make a difference in the lives of children by appealing to time-starved parents with information they can use to be the most effective parents they can be.

The show takes parents on a journey through parenting with inspiration, guidance and fun.  Whether it’s making kids’ dream bedrooms a reality, to showing back to school hairstyles that impress, to offering tips on family-friendly vacation spots, the show provides solutions for the various ages and stages that all kids go through.

Our stories give parents smart advice on health and nutrition, finance, back-to-school-savings, and clothing that appeals to every fashionista. For the teens who love tech, we are one step ahead by showing state-of-the-art new technology and smart innovations that will satisfy all the “digital divas” and avid video gamers.

Designing Spaces Kids Spaces has a mission to continue to educate with powerful learning and keep all lines of communication open between parents and their children so they can grow up loved, healthy and strong… because they are our future!

Active Play and Bonding Through Wii Family Games

Wii family Games Nintendo

A look at Wii’s new breakthrough gaming technology Active play and bonding with others is the new direction for gaming, and parents are being drawn into the action. Martin Amado meets up with Corey Olcsvary from Nintendo to experience a new game controller that opens your living room into a virtual playground. The new Wii Controller allows the family to play games, watch movies, chat on line, even use it as a TV remote control! Martin and Corey hang with a family of four, engaging everyone in the new approach to gaming, showing the versatility of the new Wii Controllers.


A New Tool for Math and Science Students: HP Prime Graphing Calculator

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Understanding the HP Prime Graphing Calculator for Math Learning – Kid Spaces brought in Laura Harich, Marketing Manager for the Calculator Division of Hewlett-Packard, to meet with a group of students to look at a new tool to help them break through barriers with math and science concepts. The new tool is the HP Prime Graphing Calculator by Hewlett-Packard. Any college bound student would likely need a graphing calculator in High School. It is imperative for a student to pass calculus to go to college to become an engineer or a doctor. Laura explains and demonstrates some of the functions


Sharing Family Memories

HP Family Sharing

Using HP printers and ink for quality photo prints – Host Debi Marie teams up with Christine Kane, Spokesperson for Hewlett Packard, to see the latest in tools for preserving and sharing family memories; or creating great school reports and projects. We all save our photos on our phones, tablets, and computers, but it is important to print them too. There are so many reasons to want a physical print. They’re great for gifts, for sharing memories with other members of the family, and for the kids, what better way to provide quality illustrations for a school project. New printers


Technology and Family – A Journey through Parenting

technology and family

Technology and family – Kids and their parents are exploring new horizons thanks to rapidly developing digital technology. From bringing families together by turning the living room into a playground, to helpful tools for school projects and learning, Designing Spaces presents three topics with related to technology and family: parents will find helpful towards the goals of engaging and enabling their children. Our first topic reveals how easy we can make professional grade color prints by using a state of the art color printer and associated goodies that make it fast and easy. Next, we jump into the world of gaming, only


Sprint WeGo: Communication Tools for Parents and Children


Peace of Mind for Parents, Innovations in Connectivity for Today’s Kids – As parents, our most precious possession is our children. Protecting and safeguarding our kids is a top priority. Here on Kid Spaces, we are always on the hunt for new ways to make our families safer. Now, there is a device that gives parents of young children the assurance of safety and immediate communications they need to stay in touch with their kids when they are not with them. Sprint WeGo™ is an affordable first phone for kids, which features easy-to-use technology. With just one button and a


Hair Styles for College Students

Hair Styles for College Students

Hair Care and Hair Styles for College Students from Mane ‘n Tail® –  Debi Marie brings in President of Mane ‘n Tail®, Devon B. Katzev; and New York City Celebrity Hair Stylist, Mitch Barry to advise on hair styles for college students to sophomores Michelle and Brianna on hair care for the winter season. Michelle and Brianna are best friends, and even though they are going to two different colleges, they have the same concerns regarding their hair: they both want it to look its best! Designing Spaces’ Debi Marie brings in President of Mane ‘n Tail®, Devon B. Katzev; and New