Living the Life You Love to Live

Luxury consumer electronics, mortgage insurance, apartment living

Happy Living Spaces

Being happy in your space; it’s what Designing Spaces is all about, and today we take on three topics on making your living spaces the way you want it. First, we look at the ultimate in home entertainment technology by visiting a leader in luxury consumer electronics at their Manhattan showroom, and see the pinnacle of video and audio for the household.

Our next topic takes us to the world of rental properties, where more Americans are choosing not to own a home, but enjoy the benefits of community and mobility offered by the modern apartment lifestyle. And finally, maybe you are ready to take on home ownership, but have questions about mortgages. We get with a mortgage insurance expert and find out how your dream can come true. We are here to provide you with the information you need to create the living space you love to live…We are Designing Spaces.

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