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Animal lovers want to make sure their beloved pets are as happy and healthy as possible, and that holds true for horse lovers as well.

Maintaining a healthy “world” for their animals and pets will give them a good chance of having a healthy and happy companion while staving off more expensive health maladies.

Horses spend about 80% of the time in their stalls, and because horses are private animals, they tend to
urinate in the privacy of the stall. However, the stalls can accumulate detrimental levels of ammonia, which the horse breathes in.

Over time, the horse can suffer from respiratory conditions:

• increased mucus
• exposure to ammonia can compromise the immune system
• hurt respiratory passages

Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher helps to provide a Safe, Healthy and Hygienic environment. By applying Sweet PDZ to stalls and habitats, consumers are safeguarding their companions (and themselves) from the harmful upper respiratory health consequences of ammonia and waste odors.

Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher effectively captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful ammonia and odors and offers:

• “Full circle green solution” - from initial application to the time of discard in a compost gardens/fields where it returns back to the earth as a beneficial soil ingredient.

• Unique mineral characteristics - superior for moisture absorption

• Non-Toxic, no side effects

• Protects animal and human respiratory health

• A natural and holistic solution to odor control

• Available in classic powder or granular formulas

• A real solution – does not cover up or mask scent

The “Designing Spaces™” team travelled to Chattanooga, TN to give a much-needed renovation to the McKamey Animal Center for the special 3-part series “Designing Pet Spaces of Hope – Adopt a Shelter.”

PDZ is a valued partner in the series. Tune in on Thursday, January 24th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) as Tom Menner, President of PDZ visits a Chattanooga horse farm and helps them solve their ammonia odor issue in the horse stalls. (Please check local listing to confirm date and time).

For information about Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher or other products, please visit:

PDZ Co., Inc.

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