Sustainable Insulation: Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Sustainable Insulation for superior energy efficiency – Correspondent Bobby Dodge visits Rob Brockman, Marketing Manager for the CertainTeed Corporation; a manufacturer of home construction materials, at a home where a new generation of insulation is being installed. Rob explains how what you can’t see in your home can have the biggest impact on your utility bills. With the installation of CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation, a home is made not only greener and more cost-effective, the owner has the knowledge that the materials used are sustainable. In fact, they are even manufactured to new “green” standards, reducing strain on the eco-infrastructure. Sustainable


Protecting Your Greatest Investment With SmartSide Siding

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New Durable, Attractive SmartSide Siding for Greener Homes – Correspondent Cynthia McWilliams meets Jennifer Jenkins from LP Building Products to look at a new “green” siding material. The attractive SmartSide siding offers homeowners and designers a variety of architectural styles, combined with sustainability and durability. The new material offers superior strength and performance compared to vinyl or wood, with a reduced environmental impact. We see how a crew installs the new siding on an existing home, showing how it is safer for construction personnel as well as creating less waste. Some Very Ex-‘Siding’ Eco-Friendly News for Homeowners The Designing Spaces, Think Green


Innovations for the Connected Family with Windows Home Server

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 Solutions for Managing & Protecting Your Media With Windows Home Server – With so many family members embracing new technologies, we are able to communicate and share our lives more effectively than ever before. Family member are more dispersed throughout the house using their favorite tech gadget. Internet connected households are large too, including family members that live far away. The same applies to work and business moving into the household as the internet opens doors to conducting business from the kitchen table. Keep Your Family ‘Connected’ with Secure Solutions In this edition of Designing Spaces we are reaching out to


DIY Solutions To Help Reduce Energy Consumption

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Dow Chemical: DIY Solutions To Reduce Energy Consumption At Home Utility bills are typically the highest bill for homeowners right behind the mortgage payment. Reducing utility usage; a homes’ energy consumption; helps conserve natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Dow Building Solutions shares with viewers some money saving DIY energy-efficiency solutions. Creating a more energy efficient home is the focus of Designing Spaces Think Green series—as well as for special guest Dow Building Solutions! Dow Building Solutions shares with viewers some money saving Do It Yourself (DIY) energy-efficiency solutions. With freezing temperatures sweeping across North America this January, homeowners are reminded more


Enhancements for Kitchen & Bath with Pfister Faucets

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Small Change, Big Impact: Enhancements for Kitchen and Bath – On Designing Spaces you’ve seen a number of remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with a wide variety styles, today “Think Green” takes on a bathroom remodeling that’s environmentally friendly. We are going to cut water consumption and make saving water beautiful by giving the bathroom a stylish new look. “Tapping” into the new Bronze Age with Pfister Faucets Questions about how to update a kitchen or bathroom are the most common that we receive at Designing Spaces. The reason is obvious: the kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms that families use


Active Ways for Kids to Enjoy Music with Wii Music

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Kids have the opportunity to interact with music and gain exposure to the elements of music – Designing Spaces Kids Spaces features Wii Music, an active way for kids to enjoy music while learning elements of music. Music is fun, fun to listen to and fun to play. Now, kids have the opportunity to interact with music and gain exposure to the elements of music, in a fun and engaging way, thanks to Wii Music by Nintendo. Wii Music brings joy and creativity of music into your home and children’s life without costly music classes by turning your Wii console


Beautifying Your Yard

Beautifying your Yard: Essentials that make Lawn & Garden Chores Simple

You’ve always wanted the outdoor lifestyle, and you want to take a “hands on” approach to maintaining your property and beautifying your yard. If you’re living a semi-rural lifestyle, then a lawn tractor is a required tool, and with it, you will need a number of tools to help you keep the grounds looking the way you want it. From first-time homeowners looking to get started in the yard to seasoned veterans looking for an edge up on the neighbors, our experts are here to give you the best advice on how to grow the lushest, healthiest grass possible.  


Sustainable Carpet and Our Environment

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Carpet can be ‘green’ other than a color – When we think of carpet in the home, eco-friendly and “green” do not come to mind. All too often, it conjures up images of huge worn out rolls dumped into landfills, part of the end of a bygone time when the term green meant how much you would spend on a luxurious carpet. Truth be told, it is a huge misconception, carpet can be ‘green’ other than a color. Think Green, think Sustainable Carpet.