Termite Solutions For Your Home

Termite Solutions for Today’s Homeowners

Termite Solutions for Today’s HomeownersDr. Bob Hickman from BASF gives us an education on termites. First, he explains where termites come from and how they get into our houses. He describes how a colony builds and expands into above ground and ground based colonies. Bob also touch on flying ants, and how to tell them from a termite—they are not the same thing. Finally, Bob advises using a professional exterminator to inspect your home for termites.

If they are found, treatments for subterranean termites can be done using a liquid, like Termidor™ HE, or a bait system can be used. Also, baits can be used for a termite monitoring system, such as Trelona™ ATBS Home Monitoring, allowing your pest control professionals to be aware of termites if they should appear around the perimeter of the house.

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