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Single-family rental homes as an alternative to ownership

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The housing market is going through some changes. More Americans are turning to rental properties to call home. An increasingly global workplace requires more mobility on the part of employees and businesses, requiring many people to relocate more frequently. The Atlanta, Georgia area is one part of the country where growth is occurring, and American Residential Properties, Inc. offers many distinctive home models with 3, 4 and 5 bedroom options for families looking to rent. Designing Spaces explores the advantages of single family rental homes, including maintenance issues and location selection. ARP’s Brand new single-family rental homes provide an easy, affordable, low-commitment alternative to home ownership.

New Home Renting

If you are considering a rental home, Brand New single-family rental homes now a reality

Did you know that one in six American households today is a single-family rental home?

Many families are asking whether they should rent or own their home these days — and with today’s market it is a valid question.

If you are looking to rent a home for you and your family, you may wonder if you have to rent an older property in order to rent an entire house. Not any more…..the options renters have are broader than ever….and brand new single-family homes are available for lease with the help of American Rental Properties!

Why do families rent versus buy a home?

• Renting eliminates the burden and long lasting commitment of a mortgage, while maintaining the option of living in the same house for years.

• Those who may not qualify for a mortgage can rent and reap the rewards of living in a single-family home.

• Provides the flexibility to re-locate, yet have a private residence (military family for example)

American Residential Properties is here to help you answer any questions and put you in a home that works for your family’s needs.

ARP is working in many areas to locate ideal areas and neighborhoods in which to build a community of new houses that fit the needs and desires of families looking to rent instead of own.

ARP is selective where they choose to build; convenience as well as proximity to parks and other open spaces are just a few of the considerations that go into ARP decision to build a community of rental homes.

For example, Atlanta, Georgia is an area where job growth and family relocation is occurring. ARP offers a wide selection of distinctive home models with 3,4, and 5 bedroom options for families, in great communities where the neighborhoods are a blend of homeowners and rental properties alike.

At ARP attention to detail in building these homes results in a high-class rental experience complete with:

– stainless steel appliances
– large living spaces
– quality finishes and touches throughout
– 24 hour maintenance and more.

Now if you are in the market for a rental home, you can enjoy living in a brand new home ideally suited for the demands of family living without the cost of a down payment, hassle of mortgage calculators or property taxes thanks to American Residential Properties.

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Visit to discover the regions where ARP homes are currently available and learn more about your options for single family home renting. Pack your things and let American Residential Properties help you find your next home.

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Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime® Talks Trends and Developments in Renting a New Home with American Residential Properties


Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime® Talks Trends and Developments in Renting a New Home with American Residential Properties

Laurie Hawkes, President and Co-Founder, returns to show for third episode of miniseries on enjoying a brand new home along with the flexibility that renting offers on January 22nd on Lifetime 

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG – January 21, 2015) Designing Spaces, an award-winning home improvement show, welcomes back American Residential Properties, Inc. for their third installment of a 4-part miniseries on renting a home, airing on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime. The encore presentation of this show will air on February 13, 2015 on Lifetime.

An increasingly global workplace requires more mobility, resulting in more people relocating. In the episode, “Renting A New Home,” Laurie Hawkes, President and Co-Founder of American Residential Properties, will guide viewers through the world of rental properties and the reasons why more people are opting to rent, including eliminating the burden of maintenance, desiring the mobility and flexibility that renting offers, and not having to come up with a down payment.

This segment focuses on renting brand new homes, now also available for lease to those who desire the hassle-free, low-commitment experience and flexibility of renting. The Atlanta, Georgia area is one part of the country where growth is occurring, and ARP offers its first brand new homes for lease there with 3, 4 and 5 bedroom options in premium communities.

To learn more, please visit American Residential Properties’ website ( to view available rental properties in 13 states across the country, including brand new homes for lease in the Atlanta area. The company takes pride in offering single-family homes that appeal to families.

“Our interest lies in educating the general public about these exciting new opportunities in renting. This is a remarkable shift – you no longer need to come up with a sizable down payment or sacrifice your family’s privacy or flexibility in order to move into a brand new home you can make your own,” Laurie says.

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