Residential Backup Power & Surge solutions from Eaton

Make sure your home is the one with the lights on.

Designing Spaces

In today’s society, we depend on power more than ever. Power is the lifeblood of our society, literally powering everything in our homes. Your home’s electrical system plays a critical role to infrastructure.
Power outages cost the U.S. economy up to 150 billion dollars a year in damages** . Whether caused by a utility power failure, falling trees, or weather disasters, homeowners today are experiencing more power outages than ever before. Outages are even caused by animals, primarily squirrels! Power outages represent a huge monetary threat to the homeowner such as spoiled food in the freezer & refrigerator, lost time & revenue for home businesses, etc. Eaton’s backup power systems provide reliable protection by automatically restoring power within seconds to your home. A system consists of a generator and an automatic transfer switch or “Green” ATS offering a unique load management technology. Eaton’s quality, reliability and state-of–the–art technology provide a cost-effective and safe solution.

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