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Mix It Up This Holiday with Royal Dansk Butter Cookies

Joining Host Olga Villaverde in Holiday dessert adventures is Nargis McGuiness, Marketing and NPD Director at Kelsen, Inc, the good people who bring you Royal Dansk butter cookies. Nargis explains the history behind the Royal Dansk Butter Cookies, including humble beginnings in 1933, and to this day, they use no preservatives and all natural ingredients. Nargis shows Olga two easy recipes for Holiday dessert. Raspberry Crumble with Butter Cookies-Yummmm!

Sweet Holiday Recipes

It's time to think outside the big blue tin for delicious desserts

What would the holidays be like without all those delicious foods and yummy festive desserts?

And cookies are definitely part of the holiday season tradition – giving them, serving them, eating them for snacks or desserts — like the butter cookies in the big blue round tin known around the world from Royal Dansk®.

Royal Dansk are the original Danish Butter cookies, made right in Denmark. Nowhere else. Any other butter cookies or Danish-style butter cookies not manufactured in Denmark are copies, and not good ones!

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies have:

- clean ingredients
– no hidden preservatives
– no hidden coloring or artificial flavoring
– no artificial sweeteners
– made from the original trusted recipes

It’s time to think outside the big blue round tin. Did you know there are lots of ways to enjoy Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies other than eat them straight out of the tin? Royal Dansk has recently developed some sweet dessert recipes, perfect for the holidays.

Here’s an easy-to-make Cookie Sandwich suing these Ingredients:

  1. Your favorite ice cream
  2. 8 Royal Dansk Butter Cookies (choose from their signature 5 shapes)
  3. Sprinkles, almond flakes, candy cane crumbles, chocolate chips or your choice
  4. Make a scoop of your favorite ice cream and place it between two cookies
  5. Press it together lightly
  6. Roll the sandwich in your favorite topping. Kids tend to like colorful sprinkles, where adults often prefer chocolate sprinkles or perhaps almond flakes

This is a great dessert for the Holidays, but really, you can serve it any time of year. Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies are available in over 20,000 retail outlets throughout the year. Drug stores, super markets, you-name-it! They come in different sizes, from 12-oz to 1.5 lb, 2 lb, 4 lb and 5 lb tins. They are the perfect hostess gift, as well as perfect as a gift to teachers, mailmen, bus drivers or anyone on your “thank you” list.

See recipe: http://www.royal-dansk.com/desserts/royal-dansk-cookie-sandwich

Kelsen, Inc. Creates Sweet Holiday Treats on Designing Spaces™ airing on Lifetime TV

Nargis McGuinness will join special Holiday edition of the show to mix up sweet holiday recipes using Royal Dansk® Danish butter cookies

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG/CISION – November 12, 2013) Popular Home improvement show Designing Spaces™ airing on Lifetime® TV will feature Kelsen, Inc., makers of Royal Dansk® Danish butter cookies, in a special “Getting Ready for the Holidays” edition. Tune in on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 am (ET/PT), as Nargis McGuinness from Kelsen joins the show to talk to viewers about holiday sweet treats.

This show will re-air November 21st and 28th, and December 4th, 6th and 11th, 2013.

Royal Dansk are the original Danish Butter cookies in the big round blue tin, made right in Denmark and known worldwide. During the segment, McGuinness will meet up with host Olga Villaverde in the Designing Spaces kitchen to educate viewers on how the butter cookies are made with clean ingredients, using the original trusted recipes, have no hidden preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring.

Royal Dansk® Danish butter cookies can be used in other ways than just served plain or eaten from the tin. Viewers will be treated to watching how creatively the cookies are used as an ingredient in sweet, easy recipes for holiday season desserts and beyond.

“Our key demographic, women between the age of 18 and 49, watch Designing Spaces. They should know that we only use clean ingredients in our butter cookies, and that they are available around the Holidays but also on an every-day basis. We’re excited to show alternative ways to use these delicious cookies,” said Lars Norgaard, President and CEO.

To learn more about the original Danish butter cookie, please visit: http://www.royal-dansk.com and http://www.Facebook.com/RoyalDansk.

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