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The Star of the Show:
American Land Title Association

Designing Spaces got together with Anne Anastasi, president of Genesis Abstract and a member of the American Land Title Association to talk title insurance and home buying.
Marlen and her daughter are buying a house, and a meeting with Anne has the mother and daughter making smart decisions for peace of mind. Exactly what takes place at the closing is explained. Purposes for Title insurance and how rates are established are discussed. Title insurance insures that the title to your property is clear, with no known liens or encumbrances, such as unpaid property taxes, recorded liens, or street and sewer easements. Marlen closes on her house and moves in, knowing she has the right insurance.

Safe Transfer

Safe TransferIt’s closing day, and you’ve just been handed the keys to your new home! While you’ve been packing and planning how to arrange your furniture, do you know what work was done behind-the-scenes to prepare the transfer of your new property from the seller to you?

In this day and age, it’s important to have a proper title search conducted on any property (especially if you’ve purchased a foreclosure) to resolve issues found during the title search before closing -- such as if the previous owners never paid the roofer and YOU are left with the debt.

In order to get to the closing, title insurance professionals like members of the American Land Title Association have to perform numerous steps to help with the safe and efficient transfer of real estate: check public records on the property, correct any mistakes, facilitate the closing, explain documents to the homebuyer, organize the transfer of everyone’s money to close the deal, and finally turn over the keys to you, the homebuyer.

Here are some interesting facts regarding the title insurance and the professionals in the industry:

• Title insurance has protected the American Dream for more than 125 years
• Cost of title insurance is paid as a one-time fee at closing, providing the homeowner coverage for as long as they or their heirs own the property
• There are two types of title insurance policies: An Owner’s Policy protects the homeowner, while a Loan Policy protects the lender
• The role and responsibilities of professionals in the title insurance industry differs significantly from other insurance agents.
• Title agents perform labor-intensive work of searching, examining and clearing issues impacting title
• For peace of mind that comes from knowing their investment is protected, homeowners should obtain an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance.
• Homeowners that purchase an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy do not have to shoulder any expense as their legal fees were covered by the title policy.
• Americans close their loans faster than any other country – 30 days on average – and the speed of the transaction saves consumers tens of billions of dollars annually in additional interest costs.
• At no cost to taxpayers, the title industry collects $3 billion per year in delinquent real estate taxes.

An American Land Title Association member and title Insurance Professional is known as the catalyst that allows a real estate closing to proceed smoothly until completed. Most homeowners would agree that they don’t want any surprises cropping up during the closing process.

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Press Release

Viewers will learn about title insurance and the home buying process
(Pompano Beach, FL – April 20, 2012) In this edition of the “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime TV, viewers will gain expert insight on the title business from the American Land Title Association. Make sure to tune in April 26th at 7:30am (ET/PT) to “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime TV, as they’re joined by Anne Anastasi, former President of ALTA.

You won’t want to miss this episode on “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime TV, where Anastasi shares real-life examples of title issues that could impact someone’s use of their home, as well as ALTA’s role facilitating the closing process in real estate. ALTA members painstakingly check public records for issues impacting a given property, correct those records, explain all documents to the new homeowner, disburse funds, and finally transfer keys.

In this “Designing Spaces” segment, viewers will learn how to protect the investment that they make in their home. ALTA wishes to educate viewers about taking control of their homeownership through Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance. They’ll also explain how having an expert from ALTA on your side can ensure that the closing process goes smoothly.

Lysa Liemer, Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer of Designing Spaces on Lifetime TV says, “We are always exploring new ways for our viewers to gain confidence in fields that they may not be familiar with, and American Land Title Association definitely delivered the perfect solution.”

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