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The Star of the Show:
3M Company

Correspondent Angela Harrell meets Randy Morgan from 3M Industrial Mineral Products Division, and homeowners Jeff and Cherie to see how a new roof installation will prevent algae discoloration for decades to come. Using roof shingles manufactured using the Scotchgard Algae Resistant System, roofs are sustainable and attractive for decades. Contractor Tim McLoughlin explains how to homeowners can be assured the shingles being used on their home are using the Scotchgard System: embedded copper granules are protecting the shingles from algae. Once completed, the new roof adds to curb appeal while contributing to a greener home.

Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof  Is your roof stained with unsightly black streaks? Is it time for a new roof?

Those black marks are from algae growth. Algae forms a black coating to protect itself from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Roof algae is a problem for many homeowners around the U.S., especially in Southeastern areas. Algae spores are spread by the wind and can affect entire neighborhoods in just a few years, decreasing everyone’s home values.

Known for keeping stains away on furniture and upholstery, the trusted name of the 3M brand brings you another innovative product to protect your home from stains - this time on your roof!

The Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System by 3M used in many shingles today guards against roof algae for up to 20 years, and is the single most effective algae prevention solution available:

• Virtually no long-term maintenance, saving you money over life of the roof
• Expanded options in shingle color selection
• Enhances homes overall visual appearance and curb appeal
• Increases value to you and your neighbors
• Do not need to replace roof as often – avoid polluting the environment with old stained shingles
• Contributes to living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle
• No water or harsh chemicals needed – Do not need to pressure clean
• Will retain its good looks for years and years

Shingles manufactured with the Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System from 3M use copper “granules” to prevent algae growth –these granules are coated with a copper oxide containing ceramic coating. Copper protects the shingles from growing algae.

This is the only algae resistant system effective enough to earn the Scotchgard name. Shingle manufacturers using the System are Atlas (east of the Rockies) and PABCO and Malarkey (west of the Rockies).

The Scotchgard System enables a roof to retain its natural beauty and performance which helps to increase the home’s overall value. Consumers know and trust the Scotchgard brand.

So, raise the roof and prevent algae discoloration for years to come with Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System by 3M.

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Press Release

(Pompano Beach, FL – May 8, 2012) Many roofs show black streaking within a matter of years. Make sure to tune in to “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime television on May 10th at 7:30 a.m. (ET/PT) as Randy Morgan, 3M National Accounts Manager joins the show to discuss their Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System. The segment airs as part of the “Think Green” series.

During the segment, viewers will see the result when algae spores are spread by the wind, causing the black streaking and discoloration seen on roofs. Algae growth is seen all over the U.S., especially in the Southeast. 3M copper roofing granules on shingles such as Atlas Pristine Shingles prevent algae from growing on a roof. A new roof installation will prevent algae discoloration and improve home values.

“Designing Spaces” viewers will learn from Morgan the benefits of a Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System which offers homeowners a solution with 3M’s strong brand promise - and how it is low-maintenance and sustainable.

Lysa Liemer, “Designing Spaces’“ Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer, says, “We are always exploring new ideas to make a home’s exterior look better especially at one that improves the value of a home. 3M’s Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System definitely delivered the perfect answer for our viewers.”

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