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Correspondent Yvonne Perry meets with Peter Ogley of Bose at the Bose headquarters in Framingham MA. Peter gives Yvonne a tour of the facility, showing her audio research and testing spaces that were used to develop the new VideoWave® II system. A demonstration reveals the system can create a three dimensional sound experience without resorting to multiple speakers cluttering the room and taking up floor space. Yvonne visits a home where a new system is being installed by Bose sound expert Santiago Lopez Mora, who gives a demonstration of how the remote control is set up for easy operation, and how AdaptiQ “tunes” the VideoWave® II to the room. A large full HDTV screen coupled with the self-contained surround effect audio creates the ideal home theater experience.

Rich Surround Sound

Rich Surround SoundWouldn’t you love to feel like you’re in a movie theater every time you turn on your television at home? Imagine being surrounded by sound every time you watch a show or a movie in your living room. It’s all possible with the Bose VideoWave® II Entertainment System.

The Bose® VideoWave® II entertainment system combines high-definition picture and home theater sound for the ultimate home theater experience. Sound comes directly from the television that’s equipped with internal speakers using PhaseGuide™ technology.

PhaseGuide Technolgy’s benefits include:

• Produces spacious and immersive home theater sound without the need for external speakers

• Combined with a 7 element speaker array to produce crisp mid and high notes/frequencies

You can tie all your entertainment systems into one with a Bose universal remote, making everything easier to use at the touch of a button. Exclusive Bose technologies make it all happen with no speakers, subwoofer or wires in sight.

Installation of The Bose® VideoWave® II entertainment system is as simple as hanging up an HDTV. A Bose expert will calibrate your system with the ADAPTIQ® Audio Calibration System to get the best possible sound from your environment. Whether you have glass doors, walls or fabrics, their expert will adjust the system for maximum output.

The VideoWave® II entertainment system is the only HDTV with a complete Bose® home theater and music system built inside.

To learn more about this system as well as other Bose® products, please visit their website at

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