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Green Home Building-Part 2

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The Star of the Show:
Apex Block

Think Green met up with Dale Siens, CEO and President of APEX Block Corporation, at the site of a new home being built using Apex blocks, which are unique from most other insulated concrete form building materials. This home construction site in Benton City, Washington is not your typical new home, but may be how homes will be built in the future. It is designed to include a” safe-room” within the structure that is capable of withstanding an F5 tornado. Importantly, construction is more environmentally friendly, producing a home or building that is safer, more energy efficient, and sustainable.

Green House Safe House

Green House Safe HouseFor more than 15 years energy efficient homes have been the new focus of the construction industry. To reduce dependency on non-renewable resources many families are choosing APEX Blocks to build their eco-friendly homes.

What are APEX Blocks and how do they work?

APEX Blocks are ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) building blocks that are made of 100 percent recycled expanded polystyrene instead. These Blocks deliver superior strength and energy performance compared to walls made of traditional construction material and requires less labor, materials, and constructions steps.

Construction of a standard home can take as little as a week to construct! Many people worry that less labor, materials, time, and construction steps leads to homes that are unsafe and weak, however, if built with APEX Blocks it is just the opposite. Homes built with APEX Blocks are able to:

• Withstand winds of 250 MPH

• Withstand F5 tornados

• Remain fire resistant for 3 hours

• Incorporate “safe rooms” in the design of homes

Not only are these homes built with recycled material and extraordinary strength they are also designed to significantly lower you energy bill. Homeowners have experienced a 50 percent decline in the energy bills and sometimes even more. How is that even possible?

Buildings and homes constructed with APEX block use up to 50 percent less energy to heat and up to 60 percent less energy to cool compared to traditional wood frame structures, which helps take stress off the planet and off your wallet.

With increasing oil and steel prices and deforestation we are responsible for reversing the effects of damage we caused and come up with environmentally friendly alternatives to preserve our forests, lessen our dependency, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

If you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint and are interest in APEX Blocks please visit:

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