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The Star of the Show:
Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Host Debi Marie visits the Big Dog Ranch in Wellington, Florida. Big Dog Ranch is a no-kill shelter located on 28 acres of land in Wellington, Florida. They currently house more than 150 small and big dogs, and have placed more than 200 dogs in foster homes. The dedicated staff and volunteers oversee about thirty adoptions a week. Lauree Simmons, the President and Founder, along with Meg Weinberger, Vice President, head up operations. On the show we see a food pantry makeover and a supple of dog food provided for one year, and the renovation of a room to become a surgical suite. Also, topics covered: vaccinations, dog allergies, and we meet the new owners of Henry, Indigo, and Freddie, dogs that have found a new home.

Big Dog to the Rescue

Big Dog to the RescueHow many pet parents take for granted that their pets live in a safe environment where they are wanted and loved?

There are 6-8 million dogs housed in shelters every year. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a unique no-kill 28-acre safe haven for homeless and unwanted dogs of all breeds and sizes. Located in Wellington, Florida, their mission is to provide shelter, care and affection to these furry friends so they can be adopted out to loving human companions.

In support of those objectives, Big Dog Ranch Rescue also:

• Promotes animal welfare and proper care of animals

• Celebrates the special bond between dogs and people through education, awareness and community outreach

• Adopts out 30 dogs per week into loving homes

Many people think rescue animals have something wrong with them, are victims or sick, but most are simply abandoned a variety of reasons or strays found wandering around.

The Big Dog Ranch Rescue is featured in the special Designing Spaces™ “Pet Spaces of Hope – Adopt A Shelter” where with help from “Designing Spaces”, a host of sponsors - Kent Nutrition Group, Heska Corp., Spectrum Labs, and Leading Edge Veterinary Equipment - and dedicated staff members Megan Weinberger and Lauree Simmons from BDRR receives a makeover and much-needed supplies.

Be sure to watch the re-airing on Lifetime TV on December 27th at 7:30 am (ET/PT).
To watch the first airing, please click here:

Thanks to Big Dog Ranch Rescue, man’s best friend and protector has a fighting chance to find a forever home.

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