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Active Play and Bonding Through Gaming

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The Star of the Show:
Nintendo of America Inc.

Active play and bonding with others is the new direction for gaming, and parents are being drawn into the action. Martin Amado meets up with Corey Olcsvary from Nintendo to experience a new game controller that opens your living room into a virtual playground. The new Wii Controller allows the family to play games, watch movies, chat on line, even use it as a TV remote control! Martin and Corey hang with a family of four, engaging everyone in the new approach to gaming, showing the versatility of the new Wii Controllers. This is cutting edge technology, to be available next year, and this portion of Kid Spaces is a real eye opener!

Move Off The Couch!

Move Off The Couch!When’s the last time you enjoyed spending time with your friends or family playing video games while getting off the couch for a little exercise and spirited competition at the same time?

Gaming is a great way for families to bond -- and Nintendo, who revolutionized the gaming industry with their Wii gaming system, is ready to take it to the next level with the roll-out of their new Wii U™!

As kids in today’s day and age continue to play video games, they often become less active. Gaming with the Wii U™ embodies the best of both worlds -- the fun and enjoyment of gaming, with the chance to get in some lively activity and movement.

The Wii U™ is revolutionizing the way you experience entertainment. There are all sorts of new features as well as backwards compatibility, which means almost all of your existing Wii games and accessories will work with the new Wii U console, including Wii Remote controllers, and Wii Balance Board accessories.

The new Wii U™ includes:

• New touch screen controller called the GamePad

• Full HD graphics

• Innovative games like:
o Nintendo Land
o New Super Mario Bros. U
o Lego City
o Marvel Avengers

• MiiVerse (non-gaming)

• Video Entertainment

• Video Chat

The GamePad controller boasts breakthrough technology with its LCD touch screen controller, motion control, front facing camera, microphone, speakers and other amazing features.

The Wii U and GamePad controller can be used to watch movies, video chat, play games, and it can even be used as a remote control for your TV, and the console comes with a browser that lets people with wireless internet connection surf the internet while the other team takes their turn.

Just in time for the holiday season, the Wii U™ makes an ideal gift for any family to enjoy!

Open up a whole new experience that goes even beyond gaming.

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Media Contact:
Pamela Steele-Unger
O2 Media, Inc.
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Nintendo® of America, Inc. Features Next Generation of Wii on “Designing Spaces™” on Lifetime TV

Nintendo’s new Wii U console and GamePad will be available this holiday season

(Pompano Beach, FL – October 2, 2012) Nintendo® of America will introduce their new revolutionary Wii products to viewers on the popular home improvement show “Designing Spaces™” on Lifetime Television. Tune in on Friday, October 5th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) for this special edition of “Kids Spaces” to see how Nintendo® continues to bring families together
through gaming.

Corey Olcsvary, an expert on Nintendo hardware and software from the Nintendo Product Marketing team will reveal to viewers the new High Def Wii U™ console and GamePad controller which is set to roll out just in time for the holiday season.

During the episode, a Designing Spaces™ correspondent meets up with Olcsvary and a local family to show viewers first-hand the Nintendo Wii U™ in action. The GamePad is a revolutionary new touch screen controller with full HD graphics, innovative games and fitness programs such as Wii Fit U, LEGO City: Undercover and SiBG party, and can also be used to watch movies and video chat. With a push of a button, the GamePad becomes a fully independent TV remote.

“We’re thrilled that Nintendo of America joined us on this Kids Spaces show. Kids and parents will just love the new Wii U™ which lets them take their gaming skills to the next level while spending fun quality time with their families,” says Lysa Liemer, “Designing Spaces™” on Lifetime Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer.

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