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High Efficiency Washing Machines - Advice from the Experts

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It’s a laundry room makeover as correspondent Stephanie Riegel and Kristen Higgens from Wisk Detergent revamp a home with new high efficiency washer and dryer. Kristen explains how ‘doing the laundry’ becomes a little different with the new technology in place. She explains the new high efficiency washers and the HE detergent that is engineered for the new washers. The new designs are easier on clothes, increasing longevity and consumes less water and electricity.

'Wisk' Away Your Dollars-- and Put Them In Your Pocket

'Wisk' Away Your Dollars-- and Put Them In Your PocketWisk® was the first liquid laundry detergent to launch in 1956 and was the first detergent brand to launch a detergent specifically designed for High Efficiency washing machines. With HE machines growing there is a need to educate consumers who own these machines, but also those who are researching to purchase, about the benefits of these machines and most importantly how to keep these machines running at their best.

About High Efficiency(HE)Washers:

• High Efficiency washers, also known as HE washers, are unlike traditional agitator washers in that they use a repetitive tumbling system which is intended to do an efficient rinsing job and is gentle on fabrics.
• If you have a front loading washing machine, chances are it’s HE and some newer top loading machines are HE as well – just look for the logo.
• HE washers also clean clothes in a shallow pool of water, which means they use between 20 – 66 percent less water than traditional agitator washers.
• And, because there is less water to heat, energy use is reduced and can be as little as between 20 – 50 percent.

One of the most important things to know is that you must only use HE detergents, like Wisk® in your HE machine! HE detergents are specially formulated such that there are less bubbles and suds produced while washing.

This is a good thing for HE machines because an HE machine will continually run the rinse cycle until all the bubbles and suds are washed away. With a low-water environment, it could take a long time for all those bubbles to rinse out; making your High Efficiency machine not so efficient anymore.


• Now this might turn your laundry world upside down, but more bubbles do not mean cleaner clothes! In fact, too many bubbles, or oversudsing, can actually prevent your clothes from getting clean. The suds get in the way of the washer’s tumbling cleaning action and can re-deposit soils onto your clothes.

• Over-sudsing can also get into the rubber gaskets around the door, contributing to mineral build up, even bacterial growth – ever smelled something funky in the laundry room? Chances are it’s because you were using the wrong kind of laundry detergent in your HE washer! And a funky smell does not go well with a laundry basket of clean clothes.

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