Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

Tips to Save Energy in Your Home - Designing Spaces

How energy efficient is your home? Do you really know what elements and factors in and around your home affect your electric bill? Duke Energy adviser Gordon Appleton visits one home to take us on a tour that reveals what we can do to save on electricity. Gordon points out a number of areas in the home where electricity is expended needlessly to keep the interior comfortable. Inadequate insulation, drafty windows and doors, even water temperature can all affect the utility bill. He also points out helpful tips homeowners can do inexpensively to reduce energy waste. Bottom line: being energy


Stage Your Home for Success


You can make small improvements to your home that can make a big difference. Duke Energy can help you evaluate your homes energy usage and give you practical tips to save energy and money. Next up, staging your home for a successful open house. We’re getting tips from Karen Conrad, author of “The First Seven Seconds”, she’s helping one frustrated realtor who’s having a hard time getting buyers to bite on potentially beautiful home. Helping out the home buyer, we’re getting tips from Affinity Partnerships as part of our Mortgage 101 Series. We’re wrapping it up with an overview on


Trusted Providers for Your Home and Car Needs


When it comes to your car and home, it’s important to find providers you can trust! Constellation is committed to being America’s energy choice by offering customers a comprehensive energy strategy to provide products and services that help them to buy, manage and use their energy. Along with energy importance, water management is the single most important item to consider when maintaining your home’s safety. Mold, mildew, and rot are all due to mismanaged water. The Gutter Helmets are attractively styled, and available in a selection of colors that blend in with the roof. Finally, finding a trustworthy car service


DIY Solutions To Help Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Energy Consumption

Dow Chemical: DIY Solutions To Reduce Energy Consumption At Home Utility bills are typically the highest bill for homeowners right behind the mortgage payment. Reducing utility usage; a homes’ energy consumption; helps conserve natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Dow Building Solutions shares with viewers some money saving DIY energy-efficiency solutions. Creating a more energy efficient home is the focus of Designing Spaces Think Green series—as well as for special guest Dow Building Solutions! Dow Building Solutions shares with viewers some money saving Do It Yourself (DIY) energy-efficiency solutions. With freezing temperatures sweeping across North America this January, homeowners are reminded more