Breathing Fresh Air in Your Home


Smog, haze and other greenhouse gases… we all know that air pollution is bad for our health, but did you realize that indoor air can be just as hazardous? Research has shown that indoor air pollution is even more hazardous to your health than outdoor air pollution. It can even lead to short and long term effects including allergies, asthma and it’s even linked to some fatal diseases. To reduce the harmful effects of indoor pollutants, leading manufacturer Fantech – a Systemair company, has created a ventilation system called Fresh Appliance. It’s designed to provide a continuous supply of clean


Simple Solutions for the Home


Keep your home clean and organized with tips from today’s pros. Keeping your bathroom clean is easier than ever with Ty-D-Bol Natural bathroom cleaners/products, they work naturally to remove soap and scum build-up, while eliminating mold and mildew stains and killing odor causing bacteria. While we know bacteria can be harmful, did you know that indoor air can be harmful to you? It’s been associated with causing allergies and asthma but thanks to Fantech they have developed a solution to provide fresh air throughout your home or office, so you can breathe easy. Need another way to make life easier?