Get Dorm Room Ready!


Host Christina Nicholson from Designing Spaces is helping Alex and Evan get dorm room ready with helpful tips to make their new tiny space just like home. Jen from Dorel Home Products, tours Alex around a space decked out with home furnishings perfectly suited for small dwellings. He’ll learn how to uniquely take advantage of available real-estate, without compromising on taste. College also means no more home cooked meals, so Christina is serving up some food hacks in the Designing Spaces studio kitchen to help give them an edge on eating healthy with compact and essential additions from Magic Chef.


Off To College – Tips on Staying Healthy

Designing Spaces

Host Christina Nicholson is serving up some food hacks in the Designing Spaces studio kitchen to help give them an edge on eating healthy. She introduces two, fabulously compact and essential dorm room additions from Magic Chef; demonstrating how easy it is to handle limited space AND time with the right tools and ingredients


Designing Spaces: Tips for Protecting Your Home


On this episode of Designing Spaces, Frontier Secure will show you how to keep the temperature in your home comfortable and energy efficient. The Nest Learning Thermostat actually learns what temperature you like in your home and will help lower your energy costs at the same time. Westwood Insurance talks about the importance of a having adequate homeowner’s insurance coverage for your home. Morton Salt gives tips on how to prepare your home and property for snowfall this winter, and Vivint Solar shows how to go green with solar panels on your home.


Designing Spaces: Think Green Saving Money and Helping the Environment


Designing Spaces: Think Green visits Vivint Solar Headquarters in Utah to learn how installing solar panels can save between 10% – 40% on power bills. Get a solar tutorial and learn how easy it is to install solar panels onto your home. Also, HPS Schönox starts from the ground up and shows how to refresh and convert your home with new long-lasting floors. Their products are environmentally friendly and safe for working and living. Then, it’s off to college as Trinity International, an eco-friendly company, gives tips and advice for organizing storage space in a college dorm room. Finally, learn