Tiny Kitchen – BIG Solutions from Glass Canistersto tiered wired shelving

Tips on how to make the most out of small kitchen spaces.

Designing Spaces

Finding places to put all your food and cookware can be difficult when faced with the dimensions of a small kitchen. Counter space is at a premium and time spent cooking often includes a constant search for items stacked high in limited cupboard space. Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, shares tips on how to impressively create instant space and visible storage with Trinity’s 4-tiered wire shelving and Trinity’s glass canisters. Trinity’s shelving brilliantly turns a lack of space issue into opportunity. Limited room is swiftly maximized and with adjustable shelves and high weight capacity, there’s no restrictions to what items can be displayed and stored. Trinity’s glass canisters in multiple sizes offer additional, attractive storage ideas and the airtight seals keep foods items fresh!

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