New Year, New Resolutions– Keep, crate, donate


Is the spare closet a jumbled mess where you jam stuff in and shut the door? Professional organizer Tatiana Knight, is on hand with her Keep, Crate Donate technique that promises to turn that tangled mass into perfect order. She explains her qualified, easy to use approach and reveals her top organizing tools to get the job done. The best of the bunch? Products from storage and organization company Trinity International — The impressive 4 tier wire shelving rack with high weight capacity and Trinity’s collapsible crates with secure lids to keep out dust and mold. Watch Tatiana swiftly turn


An Important element of picture/photo framing is the glass


Ralph Waldo Emerson said….“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” We’re creating art… in fact we’re helping you create the perfect “framing package” to your art! While we may think about the right kind of frame or matte to make a piece of art or photo pop… we neglect an important part of the process- the glass! We meet w/ the experts from Tru Vue to show us all what to look for!


Discover how glass increases beauty and value in your home


Looking for ways to improve the desirability of your property? Start with your bathroom – that’s right. Experts say bathrooms are among the best ways to improve the look and feel of your home. And, simple glass upgrades can turn a regular shower into a frameless customer shower retreat. Another option is to switch out regular glass in your windows into energy efficient, double-pained glass designed to reduce energy consumption. Glass Doctor has the solutions for every type of glass. As a national franchise, Glass Doctor specializes in repair, renovation and replacement of shower doors, windows and so much more.


DIY: Transforming your staircase in 3 easy STEPS!


Looking to remodel your staircase without high prices or a contractor then look no further than patented Ole Iron Balusters. Carolina Stair Supply has developed a line of easily adjustable balusters that can be installed in just about any type of staircase, from straight or curvy to inside or outside stairways in your home. Updating your stairs can help improve the look, beauty and value of your home – transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary in practically no time at all. Watch this episode to discover how updating your balusters can be the perfect home improvement, easy-to-complete and do-it-yourself project.


Trinity International Industries: Storage & Sustainable Products for Your Life!


Tatiana Knight Casas, Ambassador with Trinity International Industries, an eco-friendly storage and organization company with products that make life easier and less cluttered! From clothes, to books, to school supplies, she has suggestions that are efficient, cost effective, and even eco-friendly! Storage Solutions for Stress-Free Living!


5 Smart Tips for Holiday Travel


Holiday Season -It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year and many of us take this special time to travel and spend quality time with our family and friends… But, getting to our final destination can be stressful – Not anymore. Designing Spaces will give you expert advice from travel and industry global tech giant, Sabre and show you how to travel smart and stress free. Watch this episode before you hop on a plane this season and learn how you can escape the headache of holiday travel and focus on what’s important during the holidays – family


Holiday gift idea for the techie in your life!


Looking for a great holiday gift idea for the techie in your life? Check out the newest smartphone that is smarter than your average phone and transforms in a snap – and from a name well know Motorola! Moto Z Force Smartphone with mods!


Don’t Be Alarmed: Holiday Safety Tips from the Pros


More house fires happen during the holidays than any other time of the year. Without a doubt, we all must have smoke detectives in our homes to warn us of danger. They are meant to save our lives and every house should have them installed and checked routinely. Thanks to modern technology, there’s a new, smart smoke detector called the OmniShield. It’s designed with interconnected, multi-sensors to detect smoke, heat, carbon dioxide, flooding and even freezing temperatures in your home. The next generation device comes with an app that allows homeowners to see dangers via any mobile device.


Protect Your Furniture and Floors


Whether you are getting ready for holidays or entertaining and having family staying over, there will be a lot of rearranging furniture, making room, having overnights…We show this easy way to protect furniture & floors: a product that is heavy duty and lasts for years. You can even customize it for different furniture pieces!


Utica Boilers: Innovative Hydronic Heating for the Home


Has the time arrived to replace or upgrade your cast iron boiler? We have the latest innovation from Utica Boilers to upgrade your home’s hydronic heating, and it promises to not only save you money, but living space as well! Innovative craftsmanship in home hydronic heating creates energy savings and additional living space!