Holiday Shipping Made Easy By USPS

USPSJoining Designing Spaces’ Host Debi Marie is Toni DeLancey, spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, with a message of good cheer about the new services offered with US Priority Mail. Now it is easier than ever. How? Improved USPS tracking – so you can know where your package is; and insurance included up to $50, plus, when you mail your package, you’ll know if the package will arrive in one-day, two-days, or three-days. Debi then gets an explanation on the different services and types of packages, including Priority Mail Express. Also, covered are ways to obtain the mailing boxes for free and the on-line services offered by the Post Office.

Stress-Free Holiday Shipping

So you’ve found that perfect gift for your loved one who lives across the country, and it’s wrapped and ready to send. Now, how do you ship it so it arrives in one piece and on time without breaking the bank? With so many shipping options, it can all get confusing.

The United States Postal Service® knows that not all families are able to be together for the holidays, and that sharing the holiday spirit through gift-giving is an important way to stay connected. So they have improved Priority Mail® to give everyone in America a more reliable way to ship.

With improved Priority Mail® service, the U.S. Postal Service® provides reliable holiday shipping every step of the way. Their service hasn’t changed, but the product features have enhanced:

  • Improved tracking up to 11 scan points
  • Free insurance for up to $50
  • Specified delivery dates so you’ll know if your package is expected to arrive, in one, two or three days

Need a package to arrive the next day? Priority Mail Express™ service is the fastest domestic product available. Depending on your drop off time, you can get overnight delivery to numerous U.S. locations, and it includes up to $100 of insurance and a money-back guarantee.

With Priority Mail Flat Rate®, you pay one price no matter how much contents weigh up to 70 pounds, anywhere in the USA!

The United States Postal Service is in every community in America during the holidays and all year long. To help you get ready for the holidays right in the comfort of your own home, go to® and click on the tab for “ship a package” where you’ll see a series of options to:

  • Order free Priority Mail® Boxes and other free supplies.
  • Calculate a price with our easy and quick calculator.
  • Print a label with postage from your computer using a standard printer.
  • Schedule a pickup online and have your carrier pick up your package.

And keeping the holiday spirit going, remember to check out the limited edition decorated holiday boxes.
To learn more about USPS® services and tips on shipping like a pro, tune in to Designing Spaces on Wednesday, November 13th, Thursday, November 28th and Wednesday, December 4th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on Lifetime TV.

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