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Magic Tree House BooksThe power of reading is a basic skill fundamentally important for all kids, and parents know it! Reading transports the minds of our children to places and times, opens doors to new concepts and ideas that fire the imagination and soul. Kids who read have a better understanding of the world around them.

Take for example, the books of Mary Pope Osborne, mostly written for kids age seven to ten. Her Magic Tree House Series has sold over 120 million copies around the world and has been translated into 33 different languages. Kid Spaces visited Mary at her home in Connecticut to talk about her books and her personal mission: childhood literacy.

Do You Believe in Magic?

What if we told you that there was something magical that could transport your young children to far off and exotic places to explore without ever leaving your sight?

A Magic that inspired children to learn, create and challenged them mentally in an exciting adventurous way, all without leaving their own home? Sounds unbelievable we know, but The Magic Tree House Series from Random House Children’s Books does just that!

For over 20 years, The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne has been capturing the imaginations of children around the world and introducing them to the biggest magic of all.

The magic of reading

The Magic Tree House series features two siblings, Jack and Annie, who discover a tree house filled with books. Books have the ability to take us on journey’s that would otherwise be impossible if it weren’t for our imaginations, and these books do just that, and more. Through the books and The Magic Tree House, Jack and Annie are transported through space and time in order to solve mysteries, explore, go on countless adventures and help people in trouble. Using courage, skill and research, they discover clues and solve problems all over history and the world; from prehistoric times, to ancient Egypt and mythical times and places such as having adventures in Camelot, on Pirate ships and more.

The allure of The Magic Tree House series captures the attention and imagination of children. The books do more then tell tall tales, they are full of history, facts, information and more, teaching children problem solving, stimulating their young minds to find clues in order to unravel mysteries and feel a part of the adventure themselves.

Jack and Annie’s adventures around the world, historical or fantastical, keep children spellbound and so involved they can forget they are learning. The series is geared towards young readers, but has now expanded to a series called the Merlin Missions, books that are longer and more advanced so that as the young fans of the series grow, they can continue the exciting journey.

Introducing children to the magic of reading, showing them the adventurous and exciting places it can take you is what The Magic Tree House and The Merlin Missions is all about. Both series are an irresistible mix of magic, myth, history, and mystery that have inspired a love of reading in countless children all over the world.

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic for yourself, don’t you think it’s time to introduce The Magic Tree House to your children? Bring home the magic today.

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