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Emerging Trends In Residential Design: Innovative Tile And Stone Solutions

Did you know that using porcelain or glass tile as a pool finish is actually better and longer-lasting than traditional plaster? And not only that, it’s beautiful! For those who can afford it, there is no other pool finish that is more luxurious and more durable than glass tile. And AquaBlu Mosaics can help you […]

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What To Consider When Choosing A Quality Building Stone Provider

When it comes to outdoor updates, it’s important to create something beautiful and unique. Using precast concrete products can actually help decrease upkeep and add value to your home. And precast isn’t just for mansions. Coral Cast Architectural Stone can manufacture, ship, and install precast concrete products at commercial and residential projects. With their proprietary […]

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What To Consider When Choosing a Quality Stone Fabrication and Installation Service

On this segment of Designing Spaces we learn about the stone installation business from a man who is the definition of an American success story. Rafael Figueroa came to the United States from Mexico with little but a drive to achieve. Now, over 20 years later, Rafael and his team at il granito have built […]

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An Education in Natural Stone Veneers and Hardscapes

With an incredible number of options, Delgado Stone has the right product for any project. They have hundreds of products that are both functional and sustainable, adding value to your home with each stone project. By following their lead by example mission, Delgado Stone puts the customer experience above all else. Their goal is to […]

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