The Importance of Working With Professionals You Trust For HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Solutions

It’s time for some home updates, and that means updates to your heat and air, electrical, and plumbing systems. Since 1975, Berkeys has followed a three-win approach, which means the customer, employee, and the company all win. Now in their 45th year, Berkeys has continued to provide 24/7 service to all of their customers. Whether […]

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Think Green with Solar Energy

Andy and Millie are back with Vivint Solar, and this time they’re at Vivint Solar Headquarters in Utah to show how Vivint Solar is changing the entire process of the way people get solar on their homes. On the tour around the facility, Millie meets with managers to discuss exciting innovations with the company, and […]

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Ladder Safety Prevents Injuries

Designing Spaces’ Joe Stone talks with Brian from Louisville Ladder about choosing the right ladder for any household chore in order to stay safe and get the job done right. Proper ladder selection is vital for a safe and successful project. Brian explains the differences between aluminum and metal ladders, as well as inside versus […]

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Title Insurance Protects Homeowners

On this episode of Designing Spaces, Steve Palmer CEO of Entitle Direct gets to the bottom line on title insurance. Title insurance protects against defects on the title of a property. It protects the owner’s interests against financial loss associated with defects on the title. Steve Palmer presents details regarding what to expect when filing […]

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