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Creating the Ultimate Home

Designing Spaces looks at how we can create our ultimate home with three topics aimed at making our living spaces better. First on the list, we’re moving up to a bigger home thanks to something called a jumbo mortgage. Then, we go DIY by learning a simple way to maintain our swimming pools to perfection […]

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Achieving Your Lifestyle Goals

Designing Spaces has put together three topics to motivate and inspire your lifestyle. What we find are DIY projects, home improvements, and a visit to a community where residents are free from the responsibilities of home ownership. Our first topic moves us out of the house and into a rental apartment community with a host […]

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Upgrade the Inside of Your House with These Indoor Innovations 

All homeowners want their houses to be in good shape and up to date. On this episode of Designing Spaces, we take on three subjects that contribute to feeling better about indoor innovation. First, we address the issue of peace of mind and security with an affordable remote security and home management system coupled with […]

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Enhancing Your Home’s Visual Presence

Remodeling a room using crown moulding is an excellent DIY project that can bring a whole new feeling of elegance to a space. Enter Renae Crill and Joe Wettstein from Woodgrain Millwork to give helpful tips and suggestions to enhance your room with crown moulding and have a problem-free install. Joe shows Amy and Todd […]

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