energy efficiency

ENERGY STAR Renovation Ideas for Cool Summers

Consider ENERGY STAR certified products for your next home renovation to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

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New Innovations In Residential Construction

Did you know that creating buildings that are more sustainable, energy-efficient, and accessible can positively impact operational costs, the environment, and your health and comfort? The experts at Steven Winter Associates work with architects, developers, and building owners to create what they call “High Performance Buildings.” Here’s how it works and what you might want […]

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An Education On Solar Energy Solutions For Your Home

Learn about how POWERHOME SOLAR offers residential customers a package of American-made solar panels, Generac backup battery power, and valuable energy-efficiency upgrades. The value in going green at home has many benefits including money-saving technologies and convenience, especially during a power outage.

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Tools and Tips for Clean, Cool & Energy Efficient Homes

Up next on Designing Spaces, we're asking experts for advice on keeping your home clean, cool, energy efficient, and running smoothly.

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