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Designing Spaces of Hope: Our Favorite Moments From Liam’s Episode

In a heartwarming episode of Designing Spaces, we were introduced to Liam, a remarkable young boy who faces the challenges of living with Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome (AHDS). This is a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development and function. Alongside Liam is his dedicated mother, Nicole Bolufe, whose unwavering support and determination have helped him navigate […]

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Tackle Your To-Do List With a Little Extra Help

We’re showing you how you can get home improvement help when you need it — at your fingertips — with TaskRabbit.

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Solutions for Safe and Efficient Homes

Stay tuned for tips for making your home more efficient, including tackling your to-do lists, preventing costly water losses, affordable senior care solutions, and in-sink disposal benefits.

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