The Dangerous Love Affair with Green: Unraveling the Dark Side of Victorian Décor

In the glamorous and extravagant era of the Victorians, fashion took center stage, and no color captivated their hearts more than the vibrant hue of green. From lavish ball gowns to intricate wallpaper, the Victorians embraced this color with fervor, unaware of the dark secrets hidden within its allure.  According to an eye-opening article on […]

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Solutions to Make Life a Little Easier

Designing Spaces talks about how to find the right mortgage that will fit both your needs and your budget. Castle & Cooke showcases home mortgage loans and home renovation loans that offer tremendous benefits and may be more affordable than you’d think. Also, Halcraft USA shows how to create your own jewelry using a vast […]

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DIY Decor Projects to Fall in Love With

Interior designer Kalyn Rothaus talks with Molly Schaller, head designer for Halcraft USA, a third-generation business that travels the world looking for beads, semi-precious stones, and natural materials to make chic, beautiful, and personalized jewelry. Molly explains that they offer freshwater pearls, wooden and glass beads, along with semi-precious stones that are processed in over 200 different […]

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Saving Money and Helping the Environment with Solar Energy

Think Green visits Vivint Solar Headquarters in Utah to learn how installing solar panels can save between 10 percent to 40 percent on power bills. Get a solar tutorial and learn how easy it is to install solar panels onto your home. Also, HPS Schönox starts from the ground up and shows how to refresh […]

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