Each episode features a variety of segments that profile innovative decorating ideas, do-it-yourself projects and step-by-step transformations. From mortgage tips to bathroom overhauls, HVAC installations to flooring projects, Designing Spaces covers the whole house.

Outdoor Lighting, Custom Framing, Countertop Upgrades & More

We’re bringing you the best advice and tips for your home, from custom framing to outdoor lighting and more.

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Fire Safety, Home Improvement & More

Fire safety hazards are evolving, so the public needs to be more aware of what they are as well as how to mitigate them and take precautions in their homes. Here’s what to know. Taking on a major remodeling project to fit your style is one thing. Having the financial freedom to create your dream […]

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Designing Space Special: Aging in Place

Tune in for expert advice on helping our elderly loved ones maintain independence and obtain comfortable, quality living standards at home.

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Expert Advice for Your Home Life

Up next, we're covering home office and gaming furniture, plus pet nutrition, the mortgage process, and car protection.

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