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“Love Where You Live, Work and Play”

Designing Spaces on LifetimeDesigning Spaces™ is the signature women-focused home improvement show that travels all over the country remodeling, redesigning and redefining the spaces we call home.

The show brings viewers innovative home remodeling, home decorating, and home design ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and step-by-step transformations to inspire women everywhere to take on their home improvement challenges and decorating dilemmas. The mission of Designing Spaces is to make every space count and offer trusted solutions so viewers will love where they live, work and play.

In its 10th season, the show continues to tackle topics from shopping for a home to improving every space in our homes….inside and outside…from floor to ceiling…all with wall to wall style!

The Designing Spaces “Family of Spaces” television shows include: Think Green™, Kids Spaces™, Pets Spaces™, Holiday Spaces™, and Spaces of Hope™ which all provide great entertainment and solution-driven programming for every member for the family.

Designing Spaces airs on the Lifetime® Channel on Thursdays, and Fridays at 7:00 am (ET/PT).

Creating Curb Appeal

Selecting a new garage door that is right for you.

As part of our Military Makeover, Robert Keefe and his family are getting a brand new garage door! Joining Art Edmonds is Greg Ferris, South Region Sales Manager for Entrematic, to teach us about garage doors. Greg points out how newer designs have several attributes beyond improving the exterior appearance of a house. Safety and quality has improved over the years, so a new door will provide those added benefits, such as working better as part of a home’s energy envelope. It’s important for a homeowner to look at the options that fit their style, and work with the garage


Discussing Life Insurance For Military Families

Term Life Insurance for Military Families

Military Makeover is once again joined by the Military Benefit Association to review the kinds of ops a Military Family should engage in for the security provided by life insurance. Art welcomes Roy Gibson, President of Military Benefit Association, here again to talk life insurance and the military family. The discussion centers on Term Life Insurance for members of the military, but also mentioned are other services offered by the Military Benefit Association including financial planning, career planning, health and wellness, education and training, estate resolution services and will preparation. And on the R&R side of things, to be more


Furnishing The Outdoor Space

A Visit to Macy's Furniture Gallery

Once again this May, Macy’s is kicking off a summer celebration of American icons—a patriotic salute to people, places, and things that make America great. As part of American icons, Macy’s is honoring America’s veterans with an in-store give-back program to support, Got Your 6. Also, Macy’s is joining Military Makeover by providing wounded Marine Robert Keefe and his family with a beautiful outdoor patio set for enjoying dining and relaxing out on their patio. Robert and Bianca shop at Macy’s Furniture Gallery, where they are able to choose the furnishings that best fit their lifestyle and taste. One take-away


Measure Twice, Cut Once

Using the Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

Art Edmonds checks out the new BOSCH GLM 15 Laser Measure, a replacement for a tape measure that can be used in many different DIY and home improvement applications. Brian Vranek from Robert Bosch Tool Company explains how Bosch is always innovating, and the laser measure is one of their latest. This “digital tape measure” eliminates fumbling with awkward metal tapes on traditional tape measures. It can quickly become one of your most indispensable tools in your tool box. And for Robert Keefe, the BOSCH GLM 15, along with some nice Bosch power tools, are gifted to him by the


Caring For Wounded Warriors

Emergency financial assistance for wounded warriors.

Art speaks with Robert Chelberg and Howard Golin from Wounded Warriors of South Florida about the financial assistance the organization provides a veteran and their family. All wounded vets are referred by the Veterans Administration. The organization provides temporary emergency needs, including rent, utility bills, and food costs. All services are performed while maintaining privacy for the wounded warrior and family.


Change A Room With Creative Flooring

A FLOR® Makeover for the Keefe Household

Art welcomes Kenny Friedman, the Creative director for FLOR®, to show how this creative and versatile floor covering system allows for unique area rugs that can go from wall to wall if desired. Kenny explains how it not only adds beauty to a room, but contributes to living a more comfortable lifestyle, and they’re made in the USA!! The rugs and wall to wall coverings all start with a square. But most styles offer cuts which can be rectangles, triangles or smaller squares. It truly makes infinite design possibilities.  It’s super easy to install, and you have a lot of