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“Love Where You Live, Work and Play”

Designing Spaces on LifetimeDesigning Spaces™ is the signature women-focused home improvement show that travels all over the country remodeling, redesigning and redefining the spaces we call home.

The show brings viewers innovative home remodeling, home decorating, and home design ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and step-by-step transformations to inspire women everywhere to take on their home improvement challenges and decorating dilemmas. The mission of Designing Spaces is to make every space count and offer trusted solutions so viewers will love where they live, work and play.

In its 10th season, the show continues to tackle topics from shopping for a home to improving every space in our homes….inside and outside…from floor to ceiling…all with wall to wall style!

The Designing Spaces “Family of Spaces” television shows include: Think Green™, Kids Spaces™, Pets Spaces™, Holiday Spaces™, and Spaces of Hope™ which all provide great entertainment and solution-driven programming for every member for the family.

Designing Spaces airs on the Lifetime® Channel on Thursdays, and Fridays at 7:00 am (ET/PT).

Safety with Firearms in the Home with Kel-Tec CNC Industries

Firearms in the Home; Knowledge and Safety

Designing Spaces’ Debi Marie sits down with Chad Enos, Marketing Representative with Kel-Tec CNC Industries, a leading manufacturer of firearms, to talk about having a firearm in the house to protect yourself and family. The discussion covers safety, and protecting children from firearms with safes and biometric locks. Also, Chad points out how more women are becoming more involved with firearms, so he gives pointers on how to select the handgun that is right for you. He also recommends training for all adults in the household. The conversation also covers advice on transporting a firearm. As a wrap-up, Chad gives


The Benefits of Using Electric Vehicles By E-Z-GO

The New Generation of Electric Golf Cars for Transport

Electric vehicles we commonly call golf cars make for an ideal, quiet mode of transportation around a community. And, there will be no trips to the gas station. A visit to the E-Z-Go plant in Augusta Georgia, named one of the top 10 manufacturing facilities in North America, reveals “street legal” electric vehicles made to exacting standards using automotive technology and best practices. It is here the various models and styles of golf cars, utility, and personal transportation vehicles are made with a broad assortment of features and options. We see examples of basic features of E-Z-GO vehicles such as the


Renting for Baby Boomers With The Metropolitan at Village

Apartment Home Community Living

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to enter retirement or become empty nesters, many of these homeowners are looking to downsize. They don’t want the upkeep of a big yard and house. Senior housing has evolved quite a bit over the past decade. In many ways, this group is looking for the same experience as that of their Millennial children—they want to live in an all-inclusive place where they don’t have to worry about maintaining a home. For young professionals, married couples without children and empty-nesters in particular, the freedom, flexibility and diverse set of options make renting an apartment


Renting a New Home With American Residential Properties

Single-family rental homes as an alternative to ownership

The housing market is going through some changes. More Americans are turning to rental properties to call home. An increasingly global workplace requires more mobility on the part of employees and businesses, requiring many people to relocate more frequently. The Atlanta, Georgia area is one part of the country where growth is occurring, and American Residential Properties, Inc. offers many distinctive home models with 3, 4 and 5 bedroom options for families looking to rent. Designing Spaces explores the advantages of single family rental homes, including maintenance issues and location selection. ARP’s Brand new rental single-family rental homes provide an


DIY Tax Solutions From The Pros At Turbo Tax

DIY Tax Solutions from the Pros

Joining Debi Marie is Lisa Greene-Lewis, a Certified Public Accountant and Blog Editor at TurboTax®. Lisa explains to Debi how most people are intimidated by income taxes, and are afraid to do their own taxes. However, with software like TurboTax®, the process is made accurate and risk-free, and can save you money. Lisa answers the common question of “where do I begin?” TurboTax® asks simple questions about your life and does all the calculations for you. Included as part of the program are tools like ItsDeductible™ to help save money (e.g. did you de-clutter your closets last year? Track and


Smart Home Security With Cox Home Security

Cox Home Security

Smart Home Security The need for security is one of the harsh realities of our times for businesses and homeowners alike, and that need is pushing the new digital technologies into an effective solution for these problems. Cox Home Security uses the latest technology and 24/7 professional monitoring to keep your home and family safe and secure. Dedicated Professional Security Consultants come to your home to design a customized security system that fits your lifestyle. The Cox Home Security System is modular in design; meaning that as your needs grow or technologies evolve, new devices can be added without buying