New York

From mortgage tips to bathroom overhauls, HVAC installations to flooring projects, Designing Spaces has New York covered—inside and out.

Redo, Refresh, Remodel: Transforming And Renovating Your Space

You’ve just bought an apartment in NYC but the kitchen is a mess. It’s renovation time! If you’re thinking of handling the project yourself and hiring a handyman to do the work – think again. The permit process along with the construction process is too stressful. When you hire outside people, you may never get […]

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Advice For The Homeowner: Protecting Your Home From Mold And Water Damage

After a storm, it’s stressful to try and figure out what to do next. Whether it’s fire damage, mold, or asbestos, it’s ALL scary. There has never been a more important time to find the right people, the right team for the job. Strongwater Restoration uses technology and experience to help homeowners and businesses with […]

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Renovation and Restoration in The Tri-State Area

A one-stop shop for any NYC kitchen or bathroom renovation project, expert disaster remediation and restoration services, landscaping ideas, plus lots more! MyHome has a team of experts from designers to project managers, that have redone over 3,000 apartments in New York City since 2001. They can handle the permits, measurements, and stress so that […]

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Creating More Comfortable And Energy Efficient Living Spaces

The time to start using renewable energy sources is now. A new solar energy system can be the perfect solution for your home. Solar energy can help you save on electricity, save the environment, and put money back in your pocket. Solar Me is a company dedicated to installing personalized energy solutions for homes all […]

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