New York

From mortgage tips to bathroom overhauls, HVAC installations to flooring projects, Designing Spaces has New York covered—inside and out.

Safe And Secure: Innovations In Active Construction Monitoring

When it comes to the buildings in New York, it’s important to preserve their historic nature. With a new construction project starting every day in the city, construction monitoring has never been more important. Saltus LLC was created to use technology and remote capabilities to monitor construction sites and give their clients a quick response […]

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What To Consider When Choosing A Quality Building Stone Provider

When it comes to outdoor updates, it’s important to create something beautiful and unique. Using precast concrete products can actually help decrease upkeep and add value to your home. And precast isn’t just for mansions. Coral Cast Architectural Stone can manufacture, ship, and install precast concrete products at commercial and residential projects. With their proprietary […]

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Unique and Environmentally Friendly Home Décor

After the stress of the home buying or home building process comes the fun part—decorating! It’s exciting to come up with interesting décor for your walls and the rest of your home. If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, then it’s time to visit Restoration Oak. With the recent establishment of their own sawmill, Restoration […]

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From Dream To Reality: Exploring The Modular Home Building Process

When it comes to modular homes, homeowners tend to think of them as cookie-cutter. But there’s so much more to the process. Modular Building Systems has a dedicated team of architects, designers, and more that can create customized modular homes for anyone. With a modular home, you can save both time and money. With their […]

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