From mortgage tips to bathroom overhauls, HVAC installations to flooring projects, Designing Spaces has Orlando covered—inside and out.

Home Enhancements for Better Living

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we check out home enhancements to really improve life including improving indoor air quality, smart thermostats, and sleek-looking bathroom upgrades. Did you know that indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air quality? Here are some tips on how to improve your air […]

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A Roofing Company Who is Really On Top of Things

As part of a Designing Spaces mini-series, we’re sharing advice from a Central Florida roofing company that’s really on top of things. From selecting the right materials to helping you navigate your insurance claim, tune in to find out how to make sure your next roofing project is head and shoulders above the rest.

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Innovative Roofing Solutions

Paragon Roof systems should be your go-to choice for your new roof—there are three different types to choose from, and they’re among the most hurricane-resistant roof systems you can buy. And who better to share this innovation than the experts at Nationwide Roofing.

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Navigating Your Roof Insurance Claim

Commercial roofing is an industry unlike any other. From selecting the right materials to helping you navigate your roof insurance claim, the experts at Nationwide Roofing are sharing the latest in commercial roofing technology and durability for your next business renovation.

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