Pet Spaces

Every aspect of pet parenting is covered, from stain elimination and reducing pet anxiety to keeping your pet healthy and building relationships between kids and pets. We visit pet shelters and rescue agencies, raising awareness about the forgotten four-legged friends who need a loving home.

Pet-Friendly Carpeting for Pet Parents

Today, most pet owners consider themselves “pet parents,” and they want their precious family members to have freedom throughout their home. The Johnson family is delighted with the pet-friendly STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system, which releases pet hair, reduces pet odor, and resists stains. Pet parents no longer have to worry about accidents, shedding […]

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The Invisible Fence®: A Safe and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Fencing

The Invisible Fence provides a safe and affordable alternative to traditional fencing, providing a safer and better quality lifestyle for pets. We visit a home where the Invisible Fence® provides the pet owners peace of mind and witness first-hand how dogs are trained and technology applied to keep them in designated areas both inside and […]

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Helping Families with Allergies

Allergic asthma affects millions in the US, and asthma attacks are triggered by allergens that are commonly found in typical households. The best course of action for those suffering allergic asthma is to avoid the allergens or have them removed from the home. Designing Spaces reaches out to Justin Bates, the third generation president of […]

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Reducing Household Allergens With Maytag Vacuums

Regular vacuuming with a high quality machine is key to maintaining an allergy free environment. Designing Spaces introduces homeowner Karen to Joy Petty and the Maytag team to see how the right vacuum cleaner could be a big step forward in the control of her son Anson’s allergies and asthma. The Maytag vacuum is built […]

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