Haier America & Military Makeover Provides New LED HD TV

Tips from the Pros – Choosing the Right TV for the Right Room

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Haier America Provides New LED HD TV

Joining correspondent Art Edmonds is Bruce Fairchild, vice President of Product Marketing for Haier America. With 25 years experience in the television manufacturing industry, he brings a definite Wow Factor to the Military Makeover: a brand new LED HD TV Screen from Haier. There are a few things to consider when selecting screen size.

How far you sit from the TV and also the space the TV will occupy. You want to get a set that will give you an immersive viewing experience but you don’t want to get a TV that will overwhelm the room it’s in. Bruce gives some easy ways to figure out answers to the questions, and shows us the new TV that is perfect for the Lunt home. Thanks Haier America!

Tips for Choosing Right TV

Are you getting the best viewing experience possible for maximum comfort and enjoyment? One deserving Military Family receives expert advice on choosing the right TV for the right space.

Americans love watching their favorite TV shows and movies on TV, in fact, almost every American household has at least one television set.  But do you have the right TV for the right space?

Have you ever considered whether or not you are getting the best viewing experience possible? The size, shape and lighting in the room, as well as the quality of the desired content to be watched, should be used in determining the viewing distance and screen size of a LCD TV for a particular room.

  • When is a large TV actually too big?
  • What is the video quality you may be watching – HD or standard definition?
  • How does light from lamps and windows affect your TV’s picture quality?

Haier America stepped in to help a young military family answer these questions and more about TV screens during the Designing Spaces of Hope – Military Makeover series.  The series chronicles the renovations of the townhouse of Stephen Lunt, an injured veteran who sacrificed for our country, and his family.

Bruce Fairchild from Haier America was on location for the series and helped the Lunt’s learn about how to choose the right size TV for the right space, and surprised the couple with generous gifts of two new LED HD TV’s – one for the bedroom and one for their living room!

How far you typically sit from the TV screen should affect the size of screen you select. He recommends the below viewing distances for a LCD TV:

TV Screen Size                                  Seat to Screen Distance

24 inches                                               less than 6 feet

32 inches                                               4 – 9 feet

40 inches                                               5 – 11 feet

55 inches                                               8 – 18 feet


So if you’re you have a couch in front of the TV and a coffee table between them, and the distance from the couch to the TV screen is 10 feet, a forty inch TV screen would probably be the smallest size to go with, and a 55 inch the largest.

With these tips and a new TV from Haier, you’ll be ready to choose the right TV, then sit back and enjoy your favorite shows even more!

To learn more, please visit: http://www.haier.com

“Haier America is a leading provider of consumer-centric home solutions for consumers in North America and Canada. Our Digital Products include a full line of small and mid-screen LCD TVs and provide excellent Performance, Value, and Reliability.”

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