Mortgage Tips, Smart Appliances, Gutter Cleaning and AC Help

Mortgage Tips, Smart Appliances, Gutter Cleaning and AC Help - Military Makeover

In this episode, we discuss topics like finding the perfect cooling system for that “always hot room” in your home and ways to make outside chores real easy to get done; we also will show you great home-buying options for finding the right mortgage broker. We also profile Kenmore’s line of smart appliances — you can connect your smartphone directly with your appliances to make taking care of your home smarter and easier.


DIY Gutter Cleaning. No Ladders Required!


Our home’s rain gutters get no respect until cleaning time comes around. Climbing ladders or going on the roof can be dangerous…accidents and injuries happen. Gutter Clutter Buster changes that. Attach the extension wands to a Wet-Dry Vac and within minutes, you’ve got clean gutters once again, no more dirty leaves, twigs, or debris. You never have to leave the ground and GCB comes with enough attachments to reach 30-feet high.


Improvements for Every Area of the Home


Have you been meaning to make improvements to your home but just don’t know how? We’ve got no stress solutions to fix all areas of your home quickly and easily! Find out how high-tech window films can help to reduce heat and glare in your home without covering-up those beautiful views. It’s getting to be one hot summer! Which means AC fixes. Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Systems from Panasonic give you personalized comfort, precise temperature control, quiet operation, affordability and easy install. Dirty Gutters? Clean out leaves and debris with Gutter Clutter Buster. No Ladder Required. Simple and easy.